7 Ways to Charge iPhone Faster That You Should Try

7 Ways to Charge iPhone Faster

I ever charged my smartphone when I wanted to go to somewhere. I had been charging my smartphone for 10 minutes cos I had to go soon. When I finished to prepare and I took my phone and I saw my smartphone, the battery just charged 5%, it was very painful, it broke my heart. So now I want to show you 7 ways to charge iPhone faster. This way will help you to charge your iPhone faster than before you read this article. Follow my opinion below:

7 Ways to Charge iPhone Faster

  • Use original charger from iPhone

Beware on choosing a charger and accessories for a smartphone. Nowadays, some corporation said that fulfilling power using a fake charger that bought from the online shop having a dangerous potential. That’s why just try to use the charger that Made By Apple itself or a charger that having the certification of Made For iPhone (MFi). Even the charger labeled by MFi that made indirectly by Apple, the manufacturer corporation that produces the accessories with MFi symbols has been got the certifications from Apple. It means that charger is safe for your iPhone even the prices are expensive.

  • Don’t use computer or laptop

Don’t you know that fulfilling power through laptop or computer needs a long time? If you want to charge your iPhone faster, just try to charge it directly on stop contact.

  • Don’t use your phone while you charge it.

Many people often use and play their smartphone while it’s charging. Of course, by working out non-stop makes the process of charging getting longer. So, don’t use the phone while you charge it.

  • Turn on airplane mode 

Another step that we can use for fulfilling the power getting faster is airplane mode. By turning on airplane mode, the activities that using radio frequency likes mobile data, WiFi, and Bluetooth can’t be done. If we did it, even it’s call, message or notifications can’t be accepted by iPhone. Even though, this thing can make the process of charging get faster.

  • Keep the port lightning iPhone from a dirt.

Sometimes we didn’t realize that on the port iPhone closed by a dust and other dirt. Even it is a small blockage, of course, it can influence the work out of fulfilling power. That’s why, make it sure to clean up the hole or a port on your iPhone carefully.

  • Open the case of iPhone

Actually putting on the case on iPhone can increase the temperature on the phone. Causes, the lithium-ion battery inside the iPhone spreading out the heat. If you want to cover up your iPhone with the casing, the heating temperature can stuck inside the software. Apple itself mentioned for taking care of the battery to keep it in a cool temperature.

Close all of apps or games that running

This way is the last trick of Ways to Charge iPhone Faster. Before you want to charge your iPhone, you better close all of apps or games that running on your iPhone. Please check with click 2 times Home Menu on the screen of your iPhone and then swipe apps or games that running.



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