Lenovo Legion Y740 Review – The Recommended Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion Y740 Review

Hi game lovers! DO you need a gaming laptop with a solid gaming performance? If so, you can buy Lenovo Legion Y740. This laptop comes with great specs to give serious fun to you while playing a game. You can follow the specs of this laptop on the following Lenovo Legion Y740 review. After knowing the Lenovo Legion Y740 review 2020, you can compare the specs of this laptop with others. Then, you can see how great the specs are.

The Specs to Know on the Lenovo Legion Y740 review

Before you buy this laptop, it will be better for you to know its specs. To make it happen, you can have a good look at the explanation below. Here we go.

1. Display

For the display size, this laptop comes with 15.60 inches. The display also looks smooth with 1080×1920 pixels for the screen resolution.

2. Processor

This laptop provides a processor that will make you get a better experience of playing a game. It can happen since this laptop contains Intel Core i7 9th Gen 9750H for its processor. With this spec, there will be no lags in your laptop and you can enjoy playing your favorite game as you want.

3. RAM

The third spec on this Lenovo Legion Y740 review to know is the RAM. As we know, RAM has a big role to make a laptop performance stay good. With a sufficient RAM, your laptop will never get error or apps force closed while being used.

Well, this laptop provides 16GB RAM for you. It is sufficient RAM to run a few apps simultaneously without crashing. Then, This Lenovo also provides 2 slots of RAM in which you can expand its RAM up to 32GB.

4. Storage

Related to the Lenovo Legion Y740 review, some people often want to know the storage of this device. It happens since they need to save so many files on this laptop for different businesses.

If you are curious about this spec, just see this answer. Yes, this laptop has 1TB for its storage. It is very big and spacious storage for you to save many files you want. Thus, you can take many benefits from this spec.

5. Graphics

Before buying a laptop, you also need to consider its graphics. Good graphics on the laptop will make you comfortable to stare at it. With this Lenovo Legion Y740, you can enjoy the smooth and sharp picture on this laptop. It can happen with the existence of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 as its graphics. So, it must spoil your eyes every time you face this laptop.

6. OS

On this Lenovo Legion Y740 review, you can also see the operating system of this laptop. Well, Lenovo Legion Y740 comes with a modern OS that is Windows 10 Home. With it, you can always enjoy an up-to-date appearance of windows on this gaming laptop.

7. Dimension

For you who want to know more about this laptop dimension, here is the answer. Its dimension is 361.40 x 267.00 x 22.45 millimeter.

8. Weight

Last, let’s find out its weight. By knowing this spec, you can consider whether this laptop will be easy to bring and move anywhere you want. For the weight, this Lenovo Legion has 2.2 kg. Is it a heavy laptop? The answer must be “no”. You can just bring or move this laptop anywhere with one of your hands easily.

Knowing the specs of this laptop, are you interested in it? If you are, just prepare your budgets and come to the providing stores to take this laptop home. Well, that is all about the Lenovo Legion Y740 review to share with you. Hopefully, it can give important information to you before you buy this laptop.