iPhone Made in India Already Up to be Produced in April This Year

iPhone Made in India

Actually Apple has been tried to looking for the new location to produce his iPhone product for long time ago. Several weeks ago, the corporation of Taiwan ODM Wistron proved to be a partner that contribute to the assembly process of iPhone Made in India. This thing continued by appeared the new question from the IT Minister State of Karanataka India, Priyank M. Kharge.

On the interview with Bloomberg, Kharge said that the operating of assembly iPhone factory has been already up to be release on the next April. That’s assembly will do in Bangalore City. And, maybe iPhone 8 will be released in the last of this year, including iPhone made in India. Kharge said, build the assembly factory of iPhone in Bangalore will be a reserve to the domestic market. The Apple people announces that has been taking a conversation so long, until several months about their new wisdom. Which is one is a request for a tax concession for approximately 15 years.

Assembly Factory in Bollywood Country

The existence of this assembly factory will make the position of Apple getting strength in that Bollywood country. Since 2006 ago, Apple has been sell for about 2,5 million iPhone in India. That’s point makes iPhone got the best 10 position, even their position not too far from Samsung or another smartphone Android. The existence of iPhone made in India appearing an issue that said by CEO Apple Tim Cook before, that their people discuss about many things. Including, opening much more store and doing an investation insignificant in a few countries. Especially, he also said that the production of iPhone factory in India was a big step.


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