How to Install Dual BBM on Android And Download Dual BBM

Imagine, if you have two BBM on your mobile phone, it is great bro. Moreover, you are online seller or you have olshop, I think this trick can help you and you don’t need to buy smartphone more than one. How to Install dual BBM on android and download Dual BBM is so easy, even you can install BBM on your android phone more than two BBM with different ID and pin, but you have to consider about condition your phone first.

As you know that if you install BBM on you phone, BBM make your phone so slow cos BBM need space of your phone Ram so high. Especially, you want to install BBM on your phone more than one, you need capacity of  Ram on your phone more than 1 Giga. You have to know that Dual BBM version 8 will make your phone slow cos dual BBM version 8 has many additional features, for example BBM channel, shops, petrol call, and etc. How to install Dual BBM on Android And Download Dual BBM (Installing with phone), check below : 

How to Install Dual BBM on Android and Download

1. Install original BBM on your phone, you can download in Play Store

2. If you already download original BBM on Play Store, please Sign In on BBM. You just type your Name, email and your password.

3. Install app for RAR (This apps for open bbm2 apk cause the app is saved on RAR app), you can download in play store (If you install Dual BBM from your phone directly)

4.  After that please DOWNLOAD Dual BBM.

5. Extract .RAR (BBM2)

6. And then install your Dual BBM app.

7. Sign your BBM with different ID and PIN, it is like you sign in on original BBM before.

NB : You can download Dual BBM from your computer and extract .RAR the app on your computer and then copy the app (Dual BBM) from your computer to your phone (If you download Dual BBM from your computer)


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