How to Resize an Image Easily That You Should Know

If you are job seeker or a blogger, resize an image is important for you because when you do your activity, sometimes you need to resize a picture, maybe for your blogger cover or for your photo if you want to apply job. Many ways to resize photo but you need simple way and easy way because if many images, it spend your time to reduce an picture size. This time I want to share to you about How to resize an image easily by Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Why I use this software because I think it is easy, only need a few second, it is so simple. If you use Photoshop, it can, but you must prepare and install the software. If you have installed Microsoft Office 2007, the software must have been installed as well, because Microsoft Office Picture Manager is part of Microsoft Office 2007.

How to Resize an Image easily by Microsoft Office Picture Manager

You just need some click for resizing an image using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. You can also use this software to resize an picture to modify length and width of picture or pixel percentage.

  • Please prepare image that you want to resize and after that please click right of your mouse and choose open with and then choose Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  • Choose Edit Picture on top, please follow the picture bellow :
  • Please look for Resize Mode on side bar and click it.
  • There are 3 options to resize image on Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  1. Predefined width x height.
  2. Custom width x height.
  3. Percentage of original width x height.
  • If you choose first way, there are some options to resize your image. You can choose what size you want. please look at the picture below :
  • If you choose second way you can type what size you want. you can change length size or width size. Look at the picture :
  • If you choose the third way, you can resize your image by set percentage of pixels image. type percentage that you want. Please look at the picture :
  • After you choose one of the ways, don’t forget save your image before you close Microsoft Office Picture Manager. And put the image where folder you want.

OK it is how to resize an image easily by Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Many student or job seeker or other use this way because you don’t need look for other software to resize because if you installed Microsoft Office 2007, this software must be have been installed on your computer. Thanks For Reading !!