Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account Forever or Temporary

Facebook includes the oldest social media platform coming from several years ago. It changes the Friendster’s popularity, at that time and gets numerous users rapidly. However, some people want to delete or deactivate a Facebook account. There are a lot of reasons why people look for it in 2020. New social media platforms keep coming and ready to be the rival of this account. That is just one of them and each user has its reason. Anything the reason, knowing how to delete or deactivate the Facebook account is so essential. Scroll down!

How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account both Temporary and Permanently

Truthfully, Facebook still survives properly amid new social media apps in mobile phones and the Internet. It as well as still have numerous users from thoroughly the world. Facebook is popular and it does not the reason for people to deactivate or delete this account.

Commonly, the users just bore with the content of their timeline. Perhaps, their FB (Facebook) wall is full of political content, marketing, hoax, and others. So, they think that their account looks not interesting and less privacy.

It turns out you should not delete it permanently if you still love your Facebook. Deactivation is the way to delete your account temporarily. You can activate it again when you want to come back.

Well, how to delete or deactivate the Facebook account here to help you to get rid of it off temporarily or permanently. Firstly, you will learn how to deactivate your Facebook account in 6 steps:

  1. Open your Facebook account and navigate your pointer to the upper-right side. Find Setting by clicking the down arrow.

2. Look at the left column and click Your Facebook Information

3. Here, you have two options for clicking Deletion or Deactivation.

4. Click the button of Deactivate Your Account because it is your purpose.

5. Continue to Account Deactivation and enter your password before clicking Continue.

6. Finally, your success to deactivate your account. Quite log in again if you want to reactivate your Facebook account.

Delete Facebook account permanently must pass mature consideration. Moreover, you have used it for many years with many postings and friends. Therefore, delete or deactivate the Facebook account above applies temporarily as you like.

Meanwhile, the following steps are to delete your account permanently:
  • You will start to delete by opening your Facebook page and go to the upper-right side.
  • The purpose is for finding Setting in the same way. Click the down arrow!
  • You need to click Your Facebook Account where the location is in the left column.
  • Different from the deactivation, here, you choose Permanently Delete Account.
  • Click Continue after typing your password and finish! Facebook will move your account in the queue for deletion. But, you still have 30 days to change your mind to activate it again. After a month, your Facebook account truly disappears.

What happens after you Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account?

There are some changes that you will receive after you delete or deactivate the Facebook account. If you just deactivate it you will meet these changes:

1. Only you can see your profile but your name keeps appearing in the friend list (solely for your friends).

2. Some specific information like sent message remains visible. It turns out the group admin that you follow still can see your name, comments, and posts.

3. Although you have deactivated your Facebook account, you can use your Messenger.
Such as you read above, the deactivation can run for as long as you want to. Do not log in if you still want to deactivate it. If you log in mean you are processing to reactivate your Facebook account again.

Next, there are some changes when you permanently delete or deactivate Facebook account:
  • Deleting Facebook account permanently means you never activate again. It will disappear forever after 30 days. All contents like photos, comments, posts, and everything that you have uploaded lost. Precisely, you download photos or any content that you think important to have.
  • Secondly, other apps that connect to your Facebook account cannot access it anymore. You cannot log in to Instagram, Twitter, and any application-connected via Facebook login.
  • Even though, the specific messages that you have sent before keep saving or not delete by Facebook. Even, your friends remain seeing your messages to them.
  • It is the same as deactivation, you cannot use Facebook Messenger
  • Remember! Facebook still gives you 30 days to change your mind and reactivate again. After 30 days, you cannot access your Facebook account. Although, Facebook needs 90 days to delete all information in your account permanently. Once more, you cannot access it again.

So, are you sure to delete or deactivate the Facebook account, right now? Please, rethink it again before you regret and lose all the important information. Your content, information, photos, videos, and anything inside your Facebook are your wealth. If you cannot save it properly irresponsible people may steal and utilize your account. Nowadays, many cyber crimes are ready to stole and utilize peoples’ data. You must be careful and always keep your data on the internet. Thank you for reading. Good luck!