Most Controversial Video Games Ever – Racist Video Games Ever

To release stress, people try to take a walk, exercise, have a trip, hang out with friends, or play games. Talking about the games, today, we are about to discuss the most controversial video games ever. Talking about racist video games, people must not want their children to play these games since they are not educated and teach stereotypes. So here we are going to also talk about the ethnic cleansing as the number-one racist video game you should not play. Well, let’s check it out for further information below!

10 Uneducated Most Controversial Video Games Ever

There are about more than ten most racist video games ever that exist for both PC and smartphone. What are they? Let’s check them out below!

1. Ethnic Cleansing

As it has been told before, Ethnic Cleansing becomes the number-one most controversial video games ever that is full of conflicts as well as racist. This game is developed by Resistance Records and released in 2002.

In this game, you will play as a Klansman who controls neo-Nazi and is requested to kill minority characters such as Jews, Latinos, and Blacks. This game, of course, is controversial and criticized by so many people for its racist content.

2. Border Patrol

Still, in 2002, Border Patrol becomes the one which is full of racist and almost criticized by all people. They even create an actual petition to get rid of this game even though it is fully failed since this game is still available online.

Border Patrol video game plays a character to kill Mexican individuals to protect the American borders. This, of course, leads to the people’s anger as these intruders are not evil; they are just simply immigrants. Border Patrol will kill all Mexican whether they are nationalists or even pregnant women.

3. Cluster’s Reverenge

Talking about most racist video games ever, people might also think about Cluster’s Reverenge from Atari 2600. This game surprisingly has awful content.

You will play as a General Cluster who is totally naked and fully erect to reach and rape a Native American woman called ‘Reverenge’. Surprisingly, this game still exists until 2015 and makes it the first place in a store market at that time.

4. Freaky Flyer

This cartoonist video game does have great visual most mostly racist. Every character is identically stereotyped. Sammy Wasabi, for instance, is a character from Japan who flies Kamikaze Express and also Sheikh Abdul, an oil billionaire from Arab who flies a magic carpet. There are still other characters with their strong, unusual stereotypes.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Vice City is one of the most controversial video games ever that everyone agrees. This game talks about Tommy Vercetti who has a promise to his ‘white’ brother to kill all Cubans and Haitians in Florida. Later, this game also asks the players to blow away Mexican members.

6. The Street Fighter Franchise

Playing The Street Fighter Franchise, you might wonder native American makes fun of black guys including Indian and Brazilian. The game is so hated by almost all people but there are still many people played it at that time.

7. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong might also be one of the most controversial video games ever. You might know that Mario is a well-known character that is so awesome. Yet, some stereotypes still exist. He tends to be a fat, plumber, short with a funny mustache. He loves money and even kidnaps princess.

8. Spanish For Everyone

Spanish fir everyone is a kind of popular video game since it is created by Nintendo DS. This game tells about the Nintendo which is stolen by the player’s friend. You will experience some adventures of trying to get your Nintendo back.

Overall, this game is kind of interesting but the fact that the character’s friend becomes a thief must be stereotype. Plus, in the story, you will meet the horny Mexican woman, too. It must be racist, right?

9. Pokemon: Red and Blue

Every boy or even girl must have known or played this game. Yes, Pokemon becomes a sensational video game once it was released in 2006. Yet, this game is accused of becoming racist due to its character who resembles black skin. Pokemon Jynx is proof. Moreover, Pokemon has satanic design appearance.

Many people especially adults and old men dislike it since this game is dangerous. As it has been played since 2016, there are many reports of physical injuries, accidents, and even death. Because of those reasons, some countries forbid their citizens to play Pokemon.

Well, there are many other racist video games but those nine options are the most controversial games ever. Do not play those games because they are no use, no educational value, and dangerous to play. Plus, you might unconsciously be into some stereotypes.