Block Ads in Android Phone Easily that come like Parasite

Block Ads in Android Phone

Block ads in Android phones to maximize the use of your gadget. Some people feel annoyed by the presence of advertisements in their smartphones. It is because the ads come in various forms without knowing the time. They come in the form of videos, banner, pop-up, even notification. Indeed, excessive advertising changes your gadget like a trash can. It is not good and inhibits your activity on your android phone. Follow this page and know the origin or the ads and how to block ads in Android phones.

Block Ads in Android Phone – When and where do you see it?

Ads on Android phones come and stay like a parasite. They appear anytime without you expect before. Why do you want to block ads on Android phones? Because they appear:

  • When you want to browse articles on your chrome or other search engines.
  • You are playing the game that you have installed or open any apps
  • You are downloading new apps before installing

Of course, you can add alone when and where you see ads. Anything the form like pop-up, banner, and so on, they are evil and annoying. Disturbing your focus during you operate your smartphone is certain. Therefore, you must follow this page to get many guides on blocking unnecessary ads on your device.

How to Block Apps in Chrome on your Android Device

Firstly, you will learn two methods for blocking ads appearing on your Chrome. Look at below for more information:

1. Data Saver Mode

Well, this page begins from the lesser-known method namely Data Saver Mode. This method is effective to save you from obtaining some annoying even malicious websites and ads during you use Chrome. How to use it is to utilize the main menu. Continue for tapping on Setting as well as scroll down to Lite Mode. Afterward, turn it on.

2. Chrome Browser

Secondly, the Chrome Browser offers to block ads in Android phones. You can start it by opening the browser and directly go to the top right side. Undertake it to tap menu and Settings. Scroll down to choose the Site Settings selection also taps on it. Select Ads under Pop-ups by tapping it. Tap on the slider to disable some intrusive ads based on your consideration.

6 Browsers and Ad-Blocking extensions to use easily in 2020

Besides both ways, you can block ads in Android phones using browsers with ad-blocking features. Nowadays, many ad-blocking extensions appear on the internet, Google Play store, and App store. Quite choose one of them like 6 browsers and extensions to use:

1. ‘Host’ file

Let’s acquire to ‘host’ file to block ads in your phone device. The ‘host’ file means the plain-text file to map hostnames to its IP address in an operating system. For instance; it is from to the IP address. The ‘host’ file method will work solely for rooted devices. But, it can block all ads emerging on your device both apps and games.

2. Xposed Module

The Xposed module offers module MinMinGuard for you as a normal APK installation. Okay, open us Exposed as well as click on Modules. After seeing MinMinGuard, hit the checkmark locating at the right. Reboot your device and open up the Exposed app again.

Visit Modules for clicking on MinMinGuard to the apps that you have installed. Choose one of them to block ads on.

3. AdGuard

Block ads in Android phone using AdGuard that it allows downloading from the AdGuard website directly. It offers good content control tools selection to block ads, protect privacy, parental control, until browsing security.

4. AdAway

Next, you should try AdWay to get rid of ads on your phone device. It turns out this app has been appearing for a very long time and still work extremely well.

5. AdLock

It is the browser extension that is not only effective for Android phones but also PC. This tool is ready to clock ads in browser and game easily while operating your phone.

6. Adblock Plus

Lastly, it demonstrates Adblock plus that is similar to AdWay including how to work. Download here, open the app and hit OK after seeing a screen. For more information, you can use Adblock Plus from Firefox as a browser extension. Adblock Plus browser extension works for devices that root and non-root. Unluckily, it just works for ads showing on web pages, not for apps or games.

Thank you for staying abreast of this page patiently. Now, you can block ads in Android phones using many ways. Then, say goodbye for annoying ads!