The Simple Methods of Performing Ctrl Alt Del on Mac

Ctrl Alt Del on Mac

Hello everyone! Do you know the function of Ctrl Alt Del on Mac? You can use it to Force Quit. What does it mean? Yea, it means that you are allowed to close the current application that is not responding. Thus, the control alt delete mac running windows will be useful and work well. Then, how can you press it? In this case, you need to get the same results on your Mac or your Macbook that uses different commands.

The Simple Steps to Show Ctrl Alt Del or Force Quit on Mac

When using a mac, it is of course for you to know about how you type ctrl alt delete on a mac. Therefore, concerning that, you are suggested to follow these steps to perform Ctrl Alt Del on Mac well.

1. Press Command + Option + Esc

When you do this first step, you will find the dialog box of Force Quit. You can use it to close any app at any time. Then, you can do it by making the app active and don’t forget to press Command + Q. However, you will use it if an opened app does not respond well. Please remember that when the app is in full-screen mode, the command will work.

2. Find running apps

The second step is finding running apps. In this case, you should find the dialog box first. Then, you will find the currently running apps list. Furthermore, you need to know that there will be something that causes a problem. It will be indicated as not responding.

3. Choose a non-responding app

Choosing the non-responding app is the third step to perform a ctrl alt Del on mac keyboard. You are allowed to choose that app and then press Force Quit.

The Other Steps to Force Quit App

How do I Ctrl Alt Del in remote desktop mac? This question is, of course, make confused, isn’t it? However, don’t worry! There will be the other steps to force close on mac. Here are they.

1. Activity monitor

In this case, you are allowed to double click on the app in the Activity Monitor. It is like that because to get a separate window. And even it is completed with more information about it and also the Quit option to close it.

2. Apple menu

Then, the second way to show Force Quit is using the Apple menu. You can click on this menu and then choose the option of Force Quit. Then, you will find the dialog box of Force Quit. Besides, you can also choose the app that is not responding to that box.

3. Dock

What does it mean? Do you know it, guys? Yea, it means that you hold down the Control and Option keys also click on the app’s icon in the dock. Can you find something after doing it? That’s right, you will find and see the option of Force Quit. You can find it in the menu that pops up. What should you do then? Just choose that option and the app should show force quit.

2 Easy Steps to Fix a Mac that is Not Responding

Sometimes, you will find a problem such as an application that is not responding. What can you do then? Here are the steps available for you.

1. Holding down Command and Control

The first step is holding down Command and Control. Also, to restart it, just press the power button. In this case, you should force it to shut down and can start it normally. How can you do it? Yea, you can do it by holding down the power button for five seconds. So, your Mac will forcibly shut down.

2. Restart your Mac

In this second step that is restarting your mac again. How can you do this step? Yea, you should wait a few seconds and just pressing the power button.

Well guys, the information above is about Ctrl Alt Del on Mac. Then, there are two kinds of methods to close the active app that is not responding. Here, you are allowed to use and choose one of the methods that you want and like. All of them are good; however, just use one that is suitable for you.