CAPTAIN TSUBASA Game, KLab Games Release on 2017

Captain Tsubasa game is a gaming mobile that KlabGames would be released for the Android and IOS devices. The concept inside was taken from Captain Tsubasa comic book, that recount about a great soccer boy. As the insight, this comic book was published continuously on Weekly Shonen Jump since 1981. The Captain Tsubasa comic give a good impact to the Japan soccer develop on that’s time. Greatly, inside of this comic is the devastation script from the every character. So the main character isn’t the only one famous idol, but for another player also. 

They have their own ability and an awesome character too. We can see on the official sites of Klab Games, there are a lot of good supporting feature or the Game play offering. Those are CAPTAIN TSUBASA game, KLab games Release on 2017:

CAPTAIN TSUBASA Game, KLab Games Release on 2017

  • Scenario Mode : Take on Other Teams.

This feature is used to establish the future dream by submitting the card of the main character on the comic stories, start from Tsubasa Ozora, Misaki till Hinata. Meanwhile, to against the other player and the original series team. You can use the Drive Shoots, Shots Tiger and another trick.

  • Comic Books : Play Matches Against Teams

In this feature, will ask you to follow the scenario on the games in order that you can get the card and make your team getting strength. You can submit more than 1000 card on this games.

  • Intensive League Mode Matches : Test Your Mettle

You will against your enemy on Mode League. It will same like a league on the soccer game system.

  • Unique Card Game Features : Feel the Heat

In this feature, you will do kick-off by choosing the player. Set the soccer format and make the strategy for the Game play that hoping can give the beneficial.