Best Upcoming SmartPhone 2020 – Recognize the Features and Pick One

Best Upcoming SmartPhone 2020

Every smartphone’s coming will be interesting to see. Many smartphone lovers usually want to know what the new features that the phone has. Considering 2019 will end soon, you need to know the best upcoming smartphone 2020. After you know it, you can, then, make a plan to buy a new phone you desire that comes in that year. Today is a good time for you to know the upcoming phone for next year. This article will show you the list of best upcoming phones 2020. So, just follow it carefully.

The Best Upcoming Smartphone 2020 to Share with You

In this good opportunity, let yourself know the upcoming phone in 2020. You can make it happen by having a good look at the explanation below. Here we go.

1. Samsung Galaxy S11

The first estimated phone that will come in 2020 is Samsung Galaxy S11. Some new and wonderful features are presented to loyal customers. One of them is the fully-bezel-less display. So, this condition must offer a new experience for the user to see the display of this phone. Then, when there are upcoming smartphones, people usually want to know the available colors for the phone they prefer. For this Galaxy S11, it will come in blue, black, white, and pink.

Besides, for the operating system, this best upcoming smartphone 2020 will use Android Q and One UI 2.1. It must have a better performance than the previous Android. Besides the operating system, it will present a phenomenal feature, especially the camera. Yes, Samsung is popular for its good camera. In 2020, this company is predicted to use a new advanced camera sensor that can catch 64 MP images. It can happen at the highest resolution of pixels. So, the coming of this phone will be interesting to wait for.

2. OnePlus 8 and 8T

The second best upcoming smartphone 2020 is OnePlus 8 and 8T. Many of these phone lovers expect that this phone will come in the late summer of 2020. As the product sales of this company increase every day, OnePlus 8 and 8T is predicted to come in 2020 to continue the success of OnePlus 7 and 7T. Then, this phone will come with 5G compatibility. Besides, it has the hole-punch display and stunning curved screen with minimal bezels. Thus, it will have a better feature compared to onePlus 7.

Furthermore, you need to know that this best upcoming smartphone 2020 has a 6.5-inch 90Hz standard display. Also, it has an 8.1mm thickness. So, it will be nice to see and hold. There is a dual front camera. The second camera lets the user have wide-angle selfies. All the new features of this phone will interest you very much.

3. Nokia 10

While talking about the upcoming phone 2020, it will feel incomplete without discussing Nokia. Well, Nokia 10 will come in the next year with 5G technology. The good side of this upcoming phone is the combination of two 48MP lenses rear cameras. They are one wide-angle and also one telephoto. That camera presents 4-axis OIS. Then, for the front camera, this phone offers 16MP snapper that the user can use for having a selfie. If the users want to take video, they can get very good results since it can record 1080p and 4K videos. So, it will be a nice device for you.

For additional information, this phone will be completed with water-resistant and dust resistant. So, it can be all right when this phone falls into the water or is covered with dust. Besides, this best upcoming smartphone 2020 will get a quick charge 4+. It will be suitable for you that like to have a fast charging the phone. Then, some blogs say this phone will come with 5 rear cameras. If it happens, it will be so phenomenal coming for this phone. The last, the interesting feature of this phone you need to know is the in-display fingerprint scanner. With it, you can unlock your phone just by putting your finger in the provided area of the display.

4. Xiaomi Mi 10

This kind of best upcoming smartphone 2020 is a new smartphone that will be launched in China for for a few days. It will be done before the global launching in MWC on February 23rd, 2020. Then, you have to know that this kind of smartphone is possible to have an interesting price and cheaper than other best smartphones. Furthermore, this Xiaomi Mi 10 will use new processors. Those processors are Snapdragon 865, the camera sensor that is 64 Mp, and MIUI 10. Besides, how about the feature of this smartphone? It will have a big upgrade on the battery power. Besides, the screen of this smartphone will be slimmer than others.

5. iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is also classified into the best upcoming smartphone 2020. You have to know that it will be released in September 2020. This kind of phone has feature that is more sophisticated. Greatly, this iPhone 12 has a 5G network. Even, this kind of phone has a sensor that can catch 64 +megapixels. Then, it has three sizes of the screen. Those are 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches. All of them are paneled in OLED and completed with a refresh rate that is up to 120 Hz.

6. Samsung Galaxy F2

This last kind of the best upcoming smartphone 2020 is called second foldable phone. It means that the foldable interfaces that are a sudden trend of the foldable devices. Because of that reason, this Samsung Galaxy F2 or Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is going to be a truly grand year for the upcoming Samsung. Then, for its rumor, it has the battery capacity that is up to 6000mAh. However, the display of this smartphone breaks while opening a closing. Thus, with this Samsung Galaxy F2, the users can solve all the problems.

Well, that is all about the information about the best upcoming smartphone 2020 for you. Learn the feature well and plan to pick one of them you desire.