9 Signs That Your Computer is Infected by Malware And Viruses

Now, all of the jobs could be easier when we use computer. Almost all the people are using a computer to make their work easier. Even it is PC desktop or Laptop.  But, in the every technology product, there must be a weakness. One of them is Virus and Malware that sometimes come to our computer. So, is there any sign that symbolizes if our computer is struck by Virus and Malware? OK I will show you 9 signs that your computer is infected by malware and viruses. And here is the signs :

9 Signs That Your Computer is Infected by Malware And Viruses

1. Computer Slow When Start Program.

First sign of signs that your computer is infected by malware and viruses is your computer’s slow. Are you ever wait too long time when you start some of your program or when you running the program but slow respond ? If yes, it is one of sign that you have to scan your computer with the Antivirus

. Usually, it doesn’t come from the virus, but the several antivirus serving believes if that is the effect from the Virus and Malware.

2. The Speed of Your Computer is Slowdown

If virus is attacking your computer, the effect makes the speed of the computer are decrease (being slowly). You can see it while you browsing on the internet, or when you transfer a file from the computer.

3. Often Crashes.

When the all kind of Virus and Malware attack your computer, usually your computer will sustain of BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death. The function of this BSOD is to remind you that your computer in a perfect condition. Usually, BSOD happens when malware attack your system.

4. Pop-up Often Appears.

This is the most annoying thing. When Virus and Malware attack your computer, there will be often the freak and unclear pop-up that suddenly appearing the commands to install the program. And sometimes, the pop-up appear by the disgusting serving likes po*n content and ga*bling ads.

5. The Weird Sites are Open itself.

When we use a computer. The usual things that we do are browsing. When you just open one site, but suddenly the unclear sites are open itself. If it happens, just remove the cache browse and erase the unclear extent.

6. The Firewall and the Antivirus suddenly turned off.

sometimes if the computer is struck by a death virus and malware, it can make the firewall and the antivirus on the computer that you use are turned off. Greatly, we didn’t realize it. So that, when you’re doing scanning, you need to check your firewall and antivirus system are still active or not.

7. Fake Antivirus

Computer user often sustain this problem. Usually when virus and malware attack your computer, there will be the offer such antivirus that can heal your computer from the virus and also malware. Remember, don’t ever do that, because of it just a deception.

8. Shortcut File

Usually, the USB Flash Drive or the hard disk internal are often to infected by virus shortcut file. It is a sign of virus or malware. To heal it, you can see it in How to Remove Shortcut Virus on USB Flash Drive.

9. Freak Email and Mention in Social Media.

Do you ever sustain this right? We’ve got the email that we don’t know who is the sender and there is a link inside. If you saw in wall of your social media with the interesting offering likes po*n content and etc. Don’t ever to click it, because it will make you meet up with the virus and the malware. Moreover, it can change your password.


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