7 Best Offline Android Games 2017 That You Have to Try

Best Offline Android Games

Game is the thing that takes the much intention for the most people in this world. Meanwhile, there are the games that using the internet connection (online) but there’s still the games without using the internet connection. But the games without using the internet connection still have a high selling price. And the other reason why a part of people choose the offline games is, because of they like to play with single player. And now, in this 2017 the gamer obsessed to looking for the offline android games. Read this also Apps to search WiFi around you if you want to online game but you don’t have internet connection. So, what’s kind of 7 best offline Android games?

Here are The 7 Best Offline Android Games :

1. 32 Secs

Best Offline Android Games

This application is suitable with the racing gamer. You’re gonna feels like you’re in a raceways future that fulfilling by the modern vehicle. In this application, you’re demand for racing with a high speed by using the modern technology motorcycle. As like the others games, on the track, you need to kept away from the other vehicle. The control button of this application is very easy. You just need to swipe left or right to turn, the up to activate the nitro and down to brake or stop. And moreover, you can also upgrade “Steel horse” with the coin that you’ve got while you play the game.

2. Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow EartBest Offline Android Games

Upopa Games, release his new sequel game, that is Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth. In this game, you’ll be the little cute yellow thing that crossing the earth by the mine cart. The journey of this little thing isn’t easy, he will blockage by many grumpy monsters that has been already up to strike and prepared the trap to catch you. You don’t have any choices except kill them with all the weapon that you can upgrade for being strength and safe you to keep alive. Moreover, you can increase the strength of your mine cart and have the defend protector.

3. Dawnbringer

Best Offline Android Games

Next of list of best offline android games is Dawnbringer. This game is a glad news for the RPG admirer. As the knight you have to keep the world stability on games. You have to kill and fight the cruel monster that tries to control the world. As the general RPG games, you need to complete the every quest to finish the stories. And in this game you’re can upgrade the character. For the fight, the control is swipe left or right to strike the monster.

4. Ookujira: Giant Whale Rampage

Best Offline Android Games

If you ever play the Rampage games on Playstation, surely you’ll easy on adapt with this game. But, in this game, you have to save the world with a pope. He will bring you to the downtown. In there he will run riot and destroy the cruel alien robot. In this game, you have to really really running riot by destroying the alien robot, the builds, and anything else. To increase the pope strength you can utilize the IAP for buying the pope customization.

5. Flip Diving

Best Offline Android Games

The next of best offline android games is Filp diving. Flip Diving is the beautiful jump sports games. Your job is to make your character inside the game jump with several beautiful styles. To control this game you just need to tap and hold to the character in order that the character can jump with a many jump style. You can variate it by buying the coin. Meanwhile, you can buy the new place and the new character. And the most interestingly of this game is when you failed in jump and kill your character, it will make you got so tickled.

6. Hungry Shark World

It’s about fish again. This application being the new sequel of the old Hungry Shark. In this game, you’ll be the vicious shark and you’ll be served many displays and the new funny feature. As the predator, you have to catch the other living thing. Not only in the sea, you can go out to the surface and eat the living thing in a land and in an air. But you have to beware, there is the military that wanna try you to kill you. In this game, you’re gonna feel for being the Megalodon (the prehistoric shark in the world).

7. Justice League Action Run

Here is the last of 7 best offline Android games. The superhero from DC comic will run out to defeat the criminal that tries to destroy the city. Not only one superhero, but there 2 superhero that you’ll play to finish the every stage. Not only run, you have to fly, glide, firing a shot on 150 levels. You can also increase the every hero level by using the coin that you’ve got. Moreover, you can also change the hero costume, increasing the gun and increase the super power. You’ll not found The Flash superheroes in this games because if he plays in this game you’ll not feel like playing cause of the flash is the best runner.

Those are best offline Android games on 2017 and please come to 9 best offline android games on 2018. Choose your favorite one and enjoy the game and thanks for coming to my blog.


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