Tricks to Win Multiplayer in Call of Duty Mobile and Rank Match

Tricks to Win Multiplayer

Do you often play Call of Duty : Mobile game? If so, you might ever lose so many times in the multiplayer and ranked match. It can happen since you may not know the right way to play. In this matter, learning tricks to win multiplayer in this game is necessary for you. Now, you are so lucky as you can get the right tricks to win multiplayer Call of Duty Mobile here. You can also follow the tips below to play in the ranked match. Are you curious about them? If so, let’s check them out!

Tips and Tricks to Win Multiplayer and Rank Match in COD Mobile

While playing this game, there are certain tips and tricks you should consider if you want to win every match. Here are 5 matters you should consider.

1. Upgrade your favorite weapon

Tricks to Win Multiplayer

This first thing of tricks to win multiplayer Call of Duty Mobile you need to consider is to upgrade your favorite weapon. You can do it for the weapon that is suitable for your style. If you like to attack in a close range, you can upgrade SMG. It has good mobility and fire rate to have a battle in a close range.

Moreover, if you prefer to attack an enemy by spying from distance, the best weapon for you is a sniper rifle. This kind of tricks to win multiplayer can be the right choice to make an instant kill to the enemy from distance. It can happen since this weapon has a further range and high damage. After you are successful to master those weapons, you can try other weapons like Shotgun and LMG. It has a harder difficulty to master.

When you have got your preferred weapons, you can upgrade them. To upgrade them is easy to do. You can just use your favorite weapons frequently in many chances. When you have many kills with your favorite weapons, they will quickly level up. This is the first way of tricks to win multiplayer you should do.

2. Decide the right loadout

Besides considering the suitable weapons, you should also decide the right loadout while playing this game. To arrange the loadout, there are some aspects you should consider. They are Operator Skill, Score Streak, and also perk. Let’s see the explanation below.

Operator Skill is the ultimate weapon that you can use to kill a number of enemies. You can use this weapon only in a few moments. Some players have their own favorite operator skills. The recommended weapon of this loadout is Scythe or Gatling Gun. It has high damage and high fire rate. This is the ultimate weapon you need to know from tricks to win multiplayer.

What about Score streak? Yes, it is a kind of 3 support item that you can use after you collect score by killing enemies. You can choose it based on your needs. The last is Perk. This weapon can function to increase your ability to fight enemies. So, you need to choose the right perk that is suitable for your playing style.

3. Don’t disperse too far to your team

Dispersing too far to your team is dangerous for you. However, some players often forget about it when they are ambitious to kill enemies as many as possible. When you are separate from your team, there will be no one that can help you when you are attacked by enemies. Moreover, when the enemies come in a gank, it can be the worst situation you should figure out. So, you will be easy to be shut down.

To prevent being ambush by enemies, you can divide your team into two small teams. Each team consists of two and three players. With this method of tricks to win multiplayer Call of Duty Mobile, your friend must be ready to always help you when an attack comes. With this method, your team can also attack enemies in a different direction. Thus, the enemies will be confused to defend which side.

4. Always move

Most players who do not know tricks to win multiplayer, they tend to shoot without any movement. They like to use the Auto Aim feature in this game. This condition is not recommended for you since it is very dangerous. When you attack or shoot enemies without any movement, it can ease your enemies to kill you. When the enemies have good skills to cast a headshot, you will be killed instantly when you do not move.

The best way to prevent enemies from attacking you easily is shooting or firing enemies while move left or right. Besides, you can also attack while squatting and then, standing up or vice versa. This condition will make you safer from headshot when you attack enemies. To do these tricks to win multiplayer, you need to make a suitable setting of the sensitivity. You can increase the sensitivity to make you move friskily. To make a frisky movement while attacking may be difficult to do for the first time.

However, the auto-aim feature will help you to make an accurate shot. You can use the scope to increase accuracy. Besides attacking, you should also always move while approaching enemies. It can make enemies get difficulty to attack you accurately.

5. Know the map well

Knowing the map well is crucial to bring you to victory in the multiplayer mode and ranked match. You need to know that the map has unique characteristics. It can be beneficial for certain weapon users. For instance, the big map will be beneficial for the sniper or rifle users. So, you must understand the map that you will play. Thus, it will be easy for you to arrange a loadout and choose the weapon that is suitable for the map.

Knowing the map well will not only be beneficial to arrange loadout and weapons. This kind of tricks to win multiplayer can give you more benefits when you play this game as a sniper. You will know a few spots that are suitable and beneficial for a sniper. Then, for every team that plays this game, they can attack enemies in a safe way. They can also predict where the enemies’ sniper hides. So, this matter is so crucial for you.

That is all about the tricks to win multiplayer and rank match in COD Mobile you can try. Learn it well and practice it as well as possible.