Samsung Galaxy S20 Review – Best Phone to Show Your High Style

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

Hi Samsung lovers! Are you waiting for the new product from this company? If so, there is good news for you since this company has announced its new product. Yes, it is a Samsung Galaxy S20. Samsung has announced it in 2020, February 11th. After being announced, are you curious about thee Samsung Galaxy S20 review? The answer must be yes, right? So, in this good opportunity, you can see its review and decide whether it will be suitable for you or not. Seen from the specs, this phone can be the right choice to show your high style in a smartphone.

10 Great Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

You have to know that this Samsung Galaxy S20 has some specifications that are so great to learn. Are you curious about those specifications? If the answer is true, please follow this information below well!

1. Design

The first specification in this Samsung Galaxy S20 review is the design. Actually, this kind of phone has a great design with a glass back. Besides, it also has a rounded rectangular camera module at the top left. Then, it also has the selfie camera in the center of the phone’s forehead. The other camera is the raised camera module that is vertical and arranged to the right-hand side of the phone.

2. Screen

Then, for the screen, this kind of phone has 6.2 inches Quad HD+. So, it is classified into the biggest phone in the lineup of Samsung. Besides, it also has a high definition of an AMOLED screen that is colorful, crisp, and sharp.

3. Camera

The third spec in the Samsung Galaxy S20 review is called a camera. You need to know that the camera on this phone has a triple camera system that is arranged in a vertical line. The first one is the main wide camera that shoots at 12 Megapixels with an f1.8 lens and optical stabilization. Then, for the ultra-wide camera, it can capture twice the field of view with 12 Megapixels using an f2.2 lens. The last one is the telephoto camera that shots 64 Megapixels using an f2 lens with optical stabilization.

4. Memory

Memory is one of the important matters to know. This matter can support the performance of the phone. The higher the memory the phone has, the better performance it will be. Well, this phone has 128 GB for internal storage. With it, you can save many files in there. Then, for the RAM, it comes with 8 GB RAM. In this matter, you will not find any lagged operation of the phone even though you run many apps simultaneously.

5. Operating system

When you want to know the Samsung Galaxy S20 review, of course, you need to know its operating system. Well, this phone has a newer operating system that is Android 10.0; One UI 2. Thus, it can present a great performance for the users.

6. Battery

When you want to buy a phone, you must always consider its battery. This Galaxy S20 comes with a brilliant battery. It has a non-removable battery with Li-Po 4000 mAh. It can be categorized as a great battery since it can stand for a long time. Besides, when the battery’s power is low, you can enjoy the feature of fast charging 25W. So, you do not need to wait for a long time to make the battery of the phone full again. In addition, for you who want to enjoy the feature of wireless charging, you can do it with this Galaxy S20. It is completed with fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W. So, this phone will serve you well in the case of battery charging.

7. Network

When you need to know various kinds of information about Samsung Galaxy S20 review, you can see its network. For this phone, it has a very good network to support your needs in this era. It can present GSM, CDMA, HSPA, EVDO, and LTE for the technology of the network.

For the network speed, it can present an amazing speed with HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps. Also, it can present the 2000/200 Mbps speed in the LTE-A (7CA) Cat20 network. It can be good information about Samsung Galaxy S20 review when you need a phone with a great speed of the network.

8. Body

The body of this phone is so interesting. It has an elegant look with amazing materials. For the build, it comes with Gorilla Glass 6 for the Glass front and Glass back. Then, it is also completed with aluminum on its body.

This condition will make the phone body give an elegant look and a nice impression to hold. For the weight of this Samsung Galaxy S20 review, this phone has 163 g or 5.75 oz. The dimension of this phone is also good enough to support its beautiful look. It has 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm.

9. Colors

Color is one of the important matters to know by the users. By knowing it, they can consider what color of the Samsung Galaxy S20 they will pick. Well, this phone has three exciting colors to choose from. They are cloud pink, cloud blue, and cosmic grey. All of those colors can show a cute and elegant look of the phone. So, from those three choices of color, you can get one that you really like.

10. Prices

From Samsung Galaxy S20 review you want to know, you certainly need to get information about its price. When you know it, you can prepare your budget and get ready to take this phone to the nearby store. In this opportunity, you can know it. Well, this phone is sold in about 900 EUR. While in America, the price of this phone has a starting price of $999.

Well, that is all about the Samsung Galaxy S20 review to share with you. If you see it from the specs, this phone will give an elegant look to everyone who holds it. Just wait for its launch, prepare your budget, go to the providing store, and get it home. This phone will be released in about 2020, March 6th. So, you can wait for its release and grab it while it is available in the nearby store.