Pubg Mobile Lite – What’s the Difference with PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile Lite

PUBG is a popular game that now becomes a sensation for many game lovers. Its coming gets so much attention from the game of adventure lovers although there is no special introduction. If you love this game, you need to know PUBG Mobile Lite and also PUBG mobile. By knowing the difference between them, you can choose which one is suitable for your device. You can use PUBG Lite or the other one as your favorite game.

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite with PUBG Mobile

If you need to know the difference between them, you can follow the explanation below carefully. Here we go.

1. Amount of players

There are some significant differences between PUBG Mobile Lite with PUBG Mobile. They can be seen in some aspects. One of the aspects is the number of players. In the mobile lite, the number of players reaches 40. With it, you will experience a faster-paced action during the match.

While the regular PUBG mobile, it provides more players to play in the match. It features up to 100 players. In this condition, you will get a wonderful experience like what some people feel when they play using a PC. This difference lets you choose one with more players or the less one.

2. Size of the map

The second matter that differs those two kinds of the game is the map size. For the PUBG Mobile Lite, the map size is 2 km X 2 km. This size is good to make the game reduce resource consumption. Besides, this condition will also give the faster-paced action of this game.

On the other hand, the map size of the PUBG mobile seems to be what exists on the PC version. It shows some features like Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar, and also the new map of this game called Vikendi. That is all the difference between those two kinds of PUBG seen from the map size.

3. Graphics

PUBG Mobile Lite with PUBG Mobile difference is on the graphic. The two kinds of PUBG are established with the unreal engine 4. However, mobile lite contains a slight drop in the graphical content. In this matter, this feature can help the game to run smoothly on the low-end device. Also, it can do the same to the medium-end one.

Moreover, there is also a similarity between those two kinds of PUBG despite the drop in the graphical content. Yes, it is the core gameplay. With it, you and other players will never miss out on the nice experience of playing PUBG with any game version. This is the superiority of this game.

Although there are two titles of PUBG, it can be played with a similar atmosphere. Also, you need to know that the Mobile lite version is only available on the Google play store. While the PUBG mobile can be found on both Android and also iOs devices.

4. Easier to loot

Then, the fourth PUBG Mobile Lite difference is easier to loot. What does it mean? Yea, you can compare the loot on the map in the Lite version that is a lot to the game of PUBG Mobile. Why can it be like that? It is caused by the time, the space of the map and the match that is less. However, you can know that it also means that the players of PUBG will be battle-ready quickly enough. As you know that it is used to engage other players right off the bat.

5. Hardware requirements and size

Well, the hardware requirements and size become the fifth difference between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile. How about this one? You need to know that to run the Mobile Lite of PUBG, it needs less than 2 GB RAM. Related to the size of the application file, it is better for you to know the download size for each version. For the Mobile Lite of PUBG, the download size is around 491 MB. And after the installation process, it becomes around 600 MB.

Then, what about the PUBG Mobile? As you know that the download size of PUBG Mobile is around 2 GB. And for the installation process has been finished, it needs around 2.3 GB. Thus, it will helpful for the players of this game with a limited amount of storage. And, they can also have the application that has installed and even runs it smoothly.

6. Gameplay

In this case, you will see how much the Tencent Games that has toned down. Here, you can see the graphics of the game quality. You are allowed to use it to make it run smoothly on the low-end devices. Then, the lack of details and the sharpness in overall graphics quality show the only noticeable difference in the gameplay.

Besides, the existence of the players in PUBG Mobile will not be able to team up with the players in PUBG Mobile Lite. You can know when they are playing the game. Besides, it has the same gameplay. It is proved in the locations where you collect loot, destroy the enemies, and jump off the airplane. It happens in the quest that is used to emerge as the winner is similar.

7. Game modes

The last, PUBG Mobile Lite with PUBG Mobile difference is on the game modes. In this difference, you can find the important matter. It shows that in a level of general comparison, it is safe to compare to the original Mobile Lite of PUBG.

On the other hand, there are a few game modes that are provided in this version. For example in the basic modes that are offered such as squad, duo, and solo matches. Exactly, it is bad for a start, but hopefully, the Tencent will add more features that are better.

Well, it is about the PUBG Mobile Lite with PUBG Mobile difference. After knowing them, you can decide which title will be suitable to your desire. Then, you can download the suitable one and play it enjoyably after considering your best choice.