Mac OS High Sierra – Easy Ways to Get Better Your Mac

Mac OS High Sierra

Do you need the ways to upgrade the Mac OS High Sierra? If it is so, please follow this information well! The process of upgrading or replacing the hard drive for your Mac also needs to reinstall the Mac OS. Besides you will know the ways to upgrade your Mac OS, you will also find an important thing. It is the way of how to install Mac OS High Sierra. Are you curious about them? So, let’s check them out!

How to Install Mac OS High Sierra

Well, concerning the steps to install the Mac OS High Sierra, there are some steps that you can do. What are they? Just follow these steps below!

1. Disconnect hard drives

The first step that you have to do to install the Mac OS is disconnecting any external hard drives and flash drives. You can do it with the device powered off. Then, just plug in your Mac OS bootable flash drive. Don’t forget to hold down the Option or Alt key and power on the device! Please release it if you find the boot selection screen!

2. Start to copy

It means that your Mac will start to copy the installation files from the flash drives. It usually needs 30 minutes to complete it. Then, choose the language and press enter when it is prompted.

3. Choose Disk Utility

From the menu, just choose the disk utility and then press enter. Or, you can also do it by clicking the continue button.

4. Choose the hard drive

From the left column in the Disk Utility, you can choose the hard drive. Don’t forget to convince that you choose the correct hard drive! It is like that if you have multiple hard drives.

5. Choose Reinstall Mac OS

From the menu, you can choose the option of Reinstall Mac OS and then press enter or click Continue.

6. Click Agree

Last, after clicking Agree, your Mac will install the Mac OS of High Sierra. Just wait for it to complete!

How to Upgrade Mac OS of High Sierra

When you have hardware or software that is not compatible with Mac OS, don’t worry! It is because you are allowed to upgrade the Mac OS of High Sierra. Therefore, here are ways to do it.

1. Check compatibility

The first way that you have to do is checking the compatibility. What does it mean? It means that you can upgrade the Mac OS of High Sierra. Then, you need to know that the Mac needs the memory minimally 2GB and 14.3GB of available storage space. That is about the Mac OS High Sierra compatibility.

2. Make a backup

Then, the second step is making a backup. You should back up your Mac before you install any upgrade. In this case, you may try the Time Machine method that makes it so simple. Completely, it is also provided for you other backup methods.

3. Have a connection

When you download and install the Mac OS, it will need a long time enough. Therefore, you need to convince that you have an internet connection. If one of you have a Mac notebook computer and use it, just plug it into the AC power.

4. Download The Mac OS

You have to know that for having the latest features and the strongest security, what should you do? Do you know it, guys? Yea, please find out the Mac OS Mojave and then you are allowed to upgrade it. However, if you still need the Mac OS of High Sierra, don’t worry! Just use the App Store link “Get Mac OS High Sierra”.

5. Start to install

After you have a Mac OS High Sierra download, the installer will open automatically. In this case, you can click Continue and follow the instructions on the screen. Please remember that you are suggested to start the process of installation in the evening. So, you will see that the process will finish at night. Also, if the installer asks to install a helper tool, what can you do? You may write the name of the administrator and password. Then, you can click the option Add Helper.

6. Allow the installation process to finish

The last step to upgrade your Mac OS is allowing the installation process to finish. You should do it without putting the Mac to sleep or close. When installing the Mac OS and updating to the Mac firmware, you need to know that your Mac may restart. Besides, it will also show a blank screen several times and show a progress bar.

Those are the ways to install and upgrade Mac OS High Sierra. Hopefully, you can understand and apply it well.