LG Stylo 3 Review on Stylus Pen, Battery, Advantages, and Deficiencies

LG Stylo 3 Review

Do you interest to review a smartphone that has released since several years ago? It sounds boring indeed but not all people like a new-released gadget. In reality, plenty of people browse LG Stylo 3 reviews? Meanwhile, this communication tool has released in 2016-2017 and now is 2020. Of course, it has something special until people cannot leave this South Korean brand. Let’s recall the review of LG Stylo 3 smartphone with a stylus pen for a boost. You should follow it and find what people seek all this time.

LG Stylo 3 Review on the Stylus Pen and Other Superiorities

In this case, this page will concern on the stylus pen feature to review. It is because it can answer the demand of people who like writing. LG Stylo 3 review informs on the reader that it is the next generation of LG Stylo 2. Of course, it is easy to guess only by seeing the number series. The term of Stylo itself is merely another name of Stylus. However, LG Stylo 3 is the name for the same smartphone that market in the US. Meanwhile, LG Stylus 3 markets in other countries besides it.

Okay, this page has saved 4 points of facts about the Stylus Pen in the LG Stylo 3 series. Let’s check it right now:

1. A lot of people are willing to spend a long time only for waiting for this smartphone

It turns out people sacrifice one year only for waiting for LG Stylo 3 from 2016-2017. Surely, that period has produced a lot of smartphones with great specifications. Even though, this Korean smartphone is truly different because it has “Take Notes” ability and become the mainstay feature. You might not realize that it is the runaway of Galaxy Note. Wow!

2. You have a convenient pen to write because it is taper

LG Stylo 3 review see the Stylus Pen is more acute so that all people who use it feel more convenient. Some people that have tried it also feel a new sensation during pouring ideas on this gadget. This smartphone that appears more stylish uses a pen in a 1.88 mm capacitive.

3. The replacement of Mediatech to Snapdragon also creates a new sensation

Different sensation comes after the factory changes the chipset from media-tech into Qualcomm Snapdragon 435. The smartphone that has a pencil-like packaging with a 5.7-inch screen panel again uses HD resolution. Besides, the communication of electronic devices increases the 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM.

4. The presence of fingerprint will secure your note media

Lastly, you should feel great about the Fingerprint feature on this phone. Along with Android OS 7.1-Nougat, it will secure your notes and writing. Besides that, it looks more tempting because the front camera reaches 8MP and the main camera 13MP.

LG Stylo 3 Review on Advantages and Deficiency

Let’s play fair where this page does not only appear on one side of the phone. It is ready to inform on the advantages and deficiencies of this LG brand smartphone. Nevertheless, it is essential to know the battery capacity. Same as the other modern smartphone, you get a big battery capacity up to 3.200 mAh. This big power comes from a removable Lithium-Ion battery that can last all day for standard use. Turn back to the prior discussion, LG Stylo 3 review will clarify some deficiencies and advantages. Take a look at below:

  • Advantages

Anyway, you have read some advantages of the stylus pen, camera, battery, RAM, internal memory, and screen size. Now, it is time knowing other superiorities where it is a very cheap gadget that supports 4G LTE and Dual SIM. It gives IPS LCD screen technology with Corning Gorilla Glass as the screen protector. LG Stylo 3 applies Octa-core 1.4 GHz processor and GPU Adreno 505. Once more, it provides a space for MicroSD support if you want to add it.

  • Deficiencies

Luckily, the deficiency of LG Stylo 3 is not as plenty as advantages. This smartphone is not waterproof where the body uses plastic material. HD screen resolution setback from previous specification and the navigation still uses A-GPS.
Nonetheless, you cannot underestimate this gadget because it includes a high-quality device at an affordable price. It is so sorry if LG Stylo 3 review does not appear the price because you do not need it. Quite come to your lovely LG store and take it home.