Root LG Stylo 3 Without Computer and With Computer

Root LG Stylo 3

As you know that If you root your android phone, you will get some benefits. One of benefit is you can install great app that there is no the app in Playstore. And also with rooting, you can delete or remove factory app that has been installed in your phone. However, if you want to root your android phone, you need to root your android properly. Lack of information will make the Rooting process fail. If your rooting phone is fail, your Android phone will be an error or your Android phone will die suddenly, so be careful to root your android. If you are reading this article I think that you have correctly chosen this article for the tutorial. OK now I will inform to you about Root LG stylo 3 without computer and with computer.

How to Root LG Stylo 3 Without Computer and With Computer

LG is a brand that is famous for its electronic quality. It seems that it doesn’t want to miss the global market competition. LG has released an Android smartphone called LG Stylo 3 with Android OS Nougat 7.0, Octa Core 1.5 GHz, 3GB RAM, and the fastest 4G LTE network connectivity of course. Let’s follow all of steps below to begin root LG Stylo 3.

Root LG Stylo 3 Without Computer

Actually, rooting LG stylo 3 is easy to do because you can use the app that popular in the world of Android. However, you still have to pay attention for all of root steps carefully, so that you don’t wrong to do the step.

  1. DOWNLOAD the latest version of Kingroot app. The app can be downloaded by your phone directly.
  2. Please go to Settings and Security, just check Unknown Sources, So that you can install the app that there is no in Playstore.
  3. Install Kingroot and wait the process until finish. Open Kingroot App and click Root to continue the rooting process.
  4. Please wait a few minutes because the root process is ongoing.
  5. If successful, a green check mark will appear.
  6. If you want to check or verify your rooted phone, please go to Play store. Search Root Checker app and install the app.
  7. Open Root Checker app check that your LG Stylo 3 is rooted. If you see Success on the screen, it means that your rooting has been successful.
  1. DOWNLOAD the latest version of Framaroot App. You can download the app from your phone directly.
  2. If the app is compatible then this app can be opened, otherwise if your phone is not compatible then will appear a warning “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploited included in Framaroot”, and you can use other root app. If your phone is compatible, we will continue to root your android. Follow the next steps.
  3. Next step, open Framaroot app and select Install Superuser / SuperSU then select Gandalf.
  4. Wait until the process of root until complete. If successful, you  will get notification that you have to click OK to reboot your phone. Select OK and the phone will reboot automatically.
  5. If your LG Stylo 3 phone is successfully rooted, the SuperSU or Superuser app will appear on your Android phone.
  1. DOWNLOAD the latest version of KingoRoot app. The install the app and wait a minutes.
  2. After that, install the application then open Kingoapp or kingoroot and click One Click Root on the screen.
  3. The root process is running automatically, then wait until the process is complete.
  4. If root process has been successful, you will see Root Succeeded on the sccreen.
  5. If you want to make sure the rooted phone, you can verify your LG stylo 3 using Root checker app in PlayStore.

Root LG Stylo 3 With Computer

To root LG stylo 3 with computer, you can use One Click Root app. Just come to the tutorial and the site to get the app. To root with computer, you need a cable USB to connect your phone to computer. Let’s begin to root LG Stylo 3:

1. Connect your computer to WiFi or other internet connection

2. If you installed Antivirus on Computer, you need turn off the antivirus so that continue to root your phone.

3. Enable USB debugging on your LG stylo 3 phone, You can go to SETTINGS – DEVELOPER OPTIONS – USB Debugging.

4. And then Download One Click Root App. And then Install the app.

Root Android Using One Click Root

5. After that You will see the software of one click root on the screen of your computer. and then you can see ROOT and the screen. Just click ROOT NOW

After that connect your phone to computer with USB cable and. And Click ROOT Now again to search driver of LG Stylo 3 in internet.

Select ROOT NOW again, this is third.

And then you must do registration with email and password (Not password email), click login icon if you ever registered. But if you don’t, click Register Now.

Just wait the process until finish. To root LG Stylo 3 With computer definitely requires a stable internet connection. So, you must check your WiFi connection or other internet connection that’s used.

If the rooting has been completed, you can check the rooted phone with Root checker. just go to Playstore and download the app there. For the tutorial of root checker you can read this article : How verify Rooted phone with root checker.



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