LG Stylo 4 Review – Cheap but Excellent, Why not?

LG Stylo 4 Review

LG Stylo 4 review will show some hiding facts that most people never know. Anyway, it is a cheap smartphone or phablet from Korea with excellent specifications. Besides discussing the facts, it also reveals the common specification that does not allow missing. Different from most smartphone devices this phone still uses a non-removable Lithium-ion battery that stays along. You can be active within use it in standard use all day long. LG Stylo 4 release date in June 2018 also presents a better camera feature. Prove it!

LG Stylo 4 Review on Common Specification

Several things will be new insight from LG Stylo 4 review today. In this section, you still get some general key features that are useful as consideration. Well, it opens with the spec of the display comes in 1080×2160 or 6.20”. It is the same as the prior series, it’s LG Stylo 3 planting the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 450. But, Android has OS 8.1 Oreo.

Go on the camera feature that also improves the quality of the image. It turns out both cameras also still the same as the previous series. The front camera still applies 5MP and 13MP of the rear camera even the RAM is still 2GB. LG Stylo 4 review explains that the storage reaches 32GB and the battery capacity 3300 mAh.

6 Essential Facts on LG Stylo 4 Review that you must know before purchasing

Such the information in the opening, this page promises to give some facts about this phablet. The sixth facts are:

1. NFC is not available here

You might often hear and utilize the facilities but you do not know the true meaning. Near Field Communication is what NFC means. It is a tool for an electronic transaction like in toll, ATM, and other retailers. LG Stylus 4 dismisses it indeed because the Phablet is not expensive. However, you still have a Google Play that will cover your online payment.

2. New USB-C port type and a new headphone jack

Besides NFC, the use of the Micro-USB port becomes the reason for the cheap price. The replacement benefits to new Chromebook, laptop, and cell phone. It helps to charge both devices where it demands to use the same charger. The presence of a new jack port in 3.5 mm is also cost-cutting with its glory for old and new phones.

3. You get an Amazon of Prime Exclusive version

LG Stylo 4 review conveys that the manufacturer cooperates with Amazon and results in seven Amazon apps. They may install or uninstall while ignoring the setting. The most important thing is you can enjoy the Prime version without an operator. Nonetheless, it is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. It turns out the Prime Exclusive version with its 32GB of RAM is faster for interface navigation, opening apps, and switching between apps.

4. T-Mobile version for getting this Phablet

A lot of applications, facilities, or networks use T-Mobile to various interests. You can get Stylo 4 from T-Mobile directly although it will be slower because of the lower RAM.

5. Be diligent to software updates

This part merely reminds about Stylo 4 that still runs Android 8.1 Oreo where it is good enough. However, you should find out whether it will update to new sophisticated software or not.

6. Trial the capability of Stylus

Do not be sad if the Stylus Pen is not super fine like Note’s S-Pen but the uses are quite amazing. Moreover, it is useful for quick memo toggles, Pop Lens, GIF capture, and screen capture. Besides that, you can still use for the interface navigation around, ultra-fast glide typing, and coloring books apps.

Well, that is detailed information on LG Stylo 4 review with new facts to concern. In 2018, the manufacturer sold it in the US at $179. If you ask for the current price try using T-Mobile to get the accurate cost. Let’s touch the item that only appears in aurora black! You surely never suppose that there is an excellent Phablet at an affordable cost. But, it is the reality and you do not need to prepare a lot of money for this electronic device. How does it compete with its competitor of Galaxy Note? Of course, it is not difficult to undertake for this Stylo 4. Thank you for reading!