How to Find Your Lost Phone Android Fast and Easily

How to Find Your Lost Phone
Do you ever lose a smartphone? if you ever lose a smartphone it may be very painful, make you hard to sleep. Because you always think about your phone especially if your phone hasn’t paid off, HAHAHA. I think it’s so sad. No matter about the price of your smartphone but the data inside your smartphone so precious, many important number, there are many memorable photos that haven’t been copied. But you are not worry again now you can track your lost phone, because I am going to share article How to find your lost phone. Let’s check it out :

How to Find Your Lost Phone by Android Device Manager

As you know that Google support Android Smartphone. So let’s find your lost phone by app that made by Google. This way is more accurate than other apps. The name of app is Android Device Manager. If you haven’t installed this app please install this app first before I show you how to use this app:

Precaution, please download this app (Android Device Manager) first and install the app on your android phone.

How to use this app: 

The main function of Android Device Manager is to control your Android device remotely if any time your smartphone’s lost. By enabling this service, you can track, to lock the smartphone, to delete all of data on your Android smartphone if your lost Phone. Check it out :

  • After download the app please you install the app and also open the app :

  • If you already open your app, please click Accept.

  • Then please login to your email/google account, because this is must. Because if your phone’s lost you can not track your Android phone if you don’t use email/google account that used for your android phone.
  • If you have 2 Android Smartphone you can track your lost Android phone. If you don’t have 2 Android smartphone you can use Android smartphone your friend. And login to your email that used for lost Smartphone. Please login such as Guest.

Find Your Lost Phone

  • After you find location of your smartphone, please select Ring or Setup Lock & Erase. If you select Ring, that means is your lost Smartphone will ring every 5 minutes. If you select Setup Lock & Erase, that means is you can delete all of data on your lost smart phone or you can change password your phone.

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