Google Allo, New Messenger from Google That You Should Try


Actually Google has messenger apps before Allo, it is Google+ and Hangouts, but this apps are not famous because more famous than its competitors, it’s like What’s up, Line and other. And now Google release its newest product to be a clear competitor for What’s up because Google Allo is similar with What’s up but more colorful, I think like that. So What’s up app should be worry to this app because Google Allo will be great competitor for What’s app. So let’s try Google Allo, new messenger from Google

This app is not only messenger app but this app have feature Google Assistant. This App is integrated with google assistant. Services artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is able to answer any questions that you ask and give advice when you’re on the move. For example, offer a place to eat nearby, directions, check flight status, and other important information relevant to the topic of conversation.

How to download and register account on Google Allo :

  • If you haven’t installed this app please download here :

  • After install the app ask your phone number. It’s like What’s up when first time to register.
Google Allo, New Messenger from Google
  • Then Google will send verification code to your number, please type the code in the column :
Google Allo, New Messenger from Google
  • After that you come to the app and the app ask your picture. Just take picture or upload your picture from your phone or other.
Google Allo, New Messenger from Google
  • That’s the last step for setting Google Allo Account. After this you can start to use the app and chat with your friend or make group with your friends or you wan to try Google Assistant in this app. Just Try it !!
Google Allo, New Messenger from Google
  • And below I will show you some emoticon of Google Allo, New Messenger from Google :
google assistant

That’s article about Google Allo, New Messenger from Google and How to install and register. Android or iOS user still seldom use this app maybe because this is new app but if the people already know about this app I think many people will install this app.

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