How to Download And Install Pokemon Go For Android

Download and Install Pokemon GO

Who don’t know Pokemon? In addition for its game is playing with exciting battle, funny monsters as Pikachu comes out of the monster ball successfully attract children to adults. So no wonder then emerging many Pokemon games on Android. One of Pokemon games that much anticipated the last few years is the Pokemon GO. In order to convince the fans of Pokemon, Pokemon game developed by Niantic Go has entered the test phase. Many people then look for How to Download and Install Pokemon Go and play it. After waiting for months, now you are able to download Pokemon Go and play!

Pokemon GO, It Can be Played!

Although there is no definite news from Niantic of the word when Pokemon GO will be released in Asia. But this time Pokemon GO can be played by some lucky people who enrolled in the field test and those who are in America, Australia and New Zealand. Other gamer outside the countries mentioned above and want to play Pokemon GO must Download and Install Pokemon GO via the APK file (how to download it, scroll down only). Approximately, how fun of playing a Pokemon GO game on smartphone?

How to Play the Pokemon GO Game in Smartphone

By presence the field test of Pokemon GO game, we can know what it takes to play Pokemon GO in smartphones. To be able to play Pokemon GO, all you need is an Android smartphone with 4.4 KitKat minimum or iPhone 5 minimum with iOS 8.2. Next, you need a Gmail account to be able to play Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO requires a Gmail account. Because the game is fronted by one person who is the originator of Google Earth. For business of gameplay, Pokemon GO will require you to explore the surrounding environment in order to seek and catch Pokémon.

Interestingly Pokémon will you catch it just simply be monitored via smartphone screen thanks to Augmented Reality brought this game. Pokémon will appear in the appropriate environment of their type, such as water-type Pokémon only appear near the pool, and other place full of water. When you are in the native environment of certain Pokemon, your smartphone will vibrate as a sign that there are Pokemon around you. And you can also directly use the smartphone screen as a means to throw the Master Ball. Imagine the thrill of playing a Pokemon GO !?

How To Download Pokemon GO

Once you know that you can play Pokemon GO, we try to find the apk file of Pokemon GO to try it. And finally we find the website to download Pokemon GO in apk version and successfully install it! Here’s the way to Download and Install Pokemon GO and start playing!

  • Download APK Pokemon Go on PLAYSTORE.
  • Once downloaded, install Pokemon GO on Android.
Download and Install Pokemon GO
  • Determine the date of your birth.
Download and Install Pokemon GO
  • Select an account, here we are using a Google account.
Download and Install Pokemon GO
  • Click Accept in the Terms of Service.
  • Determine your character.
Download and Install Pokemon GO

If you have already, automatically you can already play the game Pokemon GO directly from Android smartphone.
That’s how to play Pokemon Go on Android as well as how to Download and Install Pokemon Go on iOS.



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