How to Access Blocked Websites Safely and Legal for Everyone

Access Blocked Websites

Nowadays, the internet is the source of all human’s necessaries where it can answer almost all their searches. Even though, not all websites may open because the government has blocked it. How to access blocked websites looks like a ridiculous question. No, do not think it is crazy because there have been a lot of ways to open it again. This page will show you how to access blocked sites that should not ban. It might the government is wrong to select the websites. Okay, let’s return the function of the website!

How to Access Blocked Websites: Why did Government Block them?

The government surely has a strong reason why they must block some websites. Usually, the websites contain things that are not appropriate to be opened, seen, and read. For the examples are pornography, violence, bullying, crime or other elements. Another reason is the site is not for all people but it is only for current people, areas, and parties. Commonly, the information is very secret and dangerous to know by all people.

Even though, many websites that do not contain those elements get the blocking too. Meanwhile, the information is very useful for many people who need it. Therefore, this page come to inform how to access blocked websites to open them. Once more, it is only for the sites which should not get blocking. Do not worry because there are many ways which you can do both from PC and mobile phone. Who knows your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other suddenly block?

5 Ways to Unblocked Website

From now on, do not grumble or be sad if you find websites that are blocked. It turns out there 6 ways to open the websites easily. You quite follow 5 how to access blocked websites below:

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is a familiar website to translate one language to another. All people in the world access it to fulfill its necessary in communication. This platform can help you access the blocked websites. Firstly, you start by opening translate google from your browser. Next, use the left text box to type the website address that you want to open. Go on the right box to select any language which the website’s original have. Click the link of the website but click the option “Go to [Website] if it does not load soon. The location of the link is on the left side of the page and continue to click Translate and browse your site.

2. VPN

VPN is an application to open the blocked websites that you can do through Google Chrome. So, your PC must provide this browser before you using VPN. How to access blocked websites using VPN is not difficult because it works by randomizing IP address. However, this software needs to download and install it where it is free to do. Afterward, open the application of Turbo VPN and select the button of I Agree. Choose the server through tapping the icon of the globe and it connects to your android VPN network. In a short time, you will see the notification of Connected.

By the way, those are the ways to access websites from your android smartphone. If you want to do it through a laptop or PC, download and install TunnerBear VPN. Open and press toggle to activate your VPN. Wait for getting the most stable connection to access your websites again.

3. Proxy

The third is using the Proxy web where it is the third party to access the website. The proxy serves you both in Android and computer with the same steps. Here, you only need to make sure that your internet connection is stable during you use it. So, how to open blocked websites by proxy is going to and select the server. Enter the website link that you want to open and tap GO! After this, you can continue using Mozilla or Chrome.

4. SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH has a function to protect the data exchange from the threaten of the virus. It turns out the performance of SSH resembles like VPN but it will need the third party too. Open the FastSSH and create an account by giving your username and password. Do not forget to tap the button of Create Account to perfect it. Then, you will get username SSH, password SSH, and the host IP address.

The next how to access blocked websites using SSH is by opening KPNTunnel Rev and Settings to activate it. Go on the parts of the Host/ IP address, fill your username and password. Furthermore, use to fill the URL Pinger and activate Auto Reconnect. Lastly, use Default Setting to activate the Custom DNS before going back to the first page and start your SSH application.

5. Add-On Chrome and FireFox

Both browsers offer an easier way to access blocked websites without download and install the application. This way only need to open Chrome and extension to get Browsec VPN- Free and Unlimited VPN. Add to chrome and install through pop up and click Add Extension. Click the icon on the top-left position to choose the server and slide toggle. Next, you can start to open the banned website.

How to access blocked websites using Mozilla is by visiting the page of FireFox-Add On. Choose AnonymoX and Add to FireFox. There will be a pop up to confirm the installation of Add On and you can tap Add. Choose the server after accessing Anonymox and slide the toggle to activate the VPN.

Okay, those are some information on how to access blocked websites easily and legal. Even though, do not use the fifth methods above to open inappropriate websites. Use it wisely!