The Best Free VPN 2019 secure your Online Activity Every time

Best Free VPN

Do you know that you need a VPN when using the internet to browse? All this time, you are never aware that this tool secures your online activities from irresponsible people. Nowadays, it is time to know the best free VPN to use in 2019. Although you do not use it directly, it does not matter to read it as your inside. Who knows it answers your question of the presence of VPN on your mobile phone? Today, this article not only presents the best free VPN in 2019 but also how to get it.

5 Best Free VPN Kinds to use in 2019

For ordinary people, reading about the best free VPN is boring because they do not understand it. Do not give up because whoever needs to know it and this page is ready to guide you slowly. Okay, let’s start from knowing what VPN is! VPN comes from the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network working as a media between the device and the internet. By using VPN you can hide your browsing activity from ISP (Internet Service Provider). It implies none can track your location and the topic of the browsing. The h4ckers also cannot h4ck your private account or data although you browse in public. Alongside that VPN can save the network setting payment.

Meanwhile, there are 3 main functions of the VPN for internet users. The first function is a confidentially or keeps the data or information of the users. Data integrity means VPN to keep the process of browsing fluently from any disorder, loss, or damage. Then, it is origin authentic to secure that everything the user access is safe. Well, those are the definition and the function of the VPN. By the way, this article has 5 best free VPN media to know:


Best Free VPN offers a strong speed to access the internet with the policy to ensure the security of your privacy. This app also gives the free lifetime service guarantee. Even though, it limits the data only 2GB per month, limited access, and limit the repeated access.

2. ProtonVPN Free

It offers an intuitive interface connection which is easy to use with a very strong security feature. ProtonVPN Free is available for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Although it is free, the users can use the data without limit with full of protection. It uses Swiss privacy laws and the policy without recording to get high-level security. Unluckily, this free VPN is limited only for 3 countries of accessing and slow speed connection. Even, you can access your favorite entertainment sites because there is no torrent or streaming service.

3. Windscribe

Winscribe becomes the next best free VPN in this article that supports torrent. It also works properly on iPhone, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Windows, and Firefox. By supporting torrent, you can access your favorite entertainment platform. However, there are still some weaknesses in Windscribe.

4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers high-speed connectivity without lacking and your privacy keeps safe. It also protects your internet activity using a military class of encryption. However, there is no streaming and the data is limited for 500MB per day. It turns out many advertisements are making the disturbance.

5. TunnelBear

Lastly, there is TunnelBear that ensure the minimum disorder with free of advertisement. The encryption is very strong to protect you every time along with the policy without recording. Nevertheless, there is streaming to connect to music or television. Besides that, the network is smaller than other VPN providers and the data is only 500MB/ day.
Besides those best free VPN providers, you may see the other options. It is such as Speedify, SurfEasy, PrivateTunnel, and NordVPN. A lot of people also recommend watching the features inside.

5 Tips to Select the Best Free VPN

Next, it will learn how to choose the right free VPN for your internet activity security. Nevertheless, this page wants to reveal the work of a VPN for your private security. In general, your gadget or PC will connect to ISP (Internet Service Provider) before reaching the website address. Unfortunately, ISP can see your activity and privacy that it means quite dangerous for you. The h4ckers can also track your location, data, and other information which might they use without a permit.

That is why VPN comes to protects you from irresponsible people like h4ckers. VPN will work by encrypting data so that only the users and the VPN server which can see the traffic. So, there are not the third parties will see your data traffic and websites that you visit. The most important thing this media makes you feel safe using the internet in public or use WIFI. You might confuse to choose one of the best free VPN providers above. They all are the best, indeed, but you only need one to ease your activity.

Do not be sad because there are 5 tips to select the best VPN providers freely. Check this out:
  • Choose according to your business. You can select the right free VPN which is suitable for your necessary.
  • How does VPN protect your device? It works by encrypting your data and runs in the background.
  • What do you can get from the free VPN? Do not be negative thinking because this free provider gives a lot of free features in high-quality.
  • Make sure that your VPN provider will not record and save your internet activity.
  • You allow using an anonymous identity to sign up on the VPN. You can obfuscate your traffic and doing a double hopping.

Hopefully, the 5 tips and the providers above can help you to find the best free VPN soon. Let’s make sure and take to change your internet browsing way. Good luck!