Check My Internet Speed – Get the Easy Ways Here

Check My Internet Speed

As internet users, you may have experienced having an unstable connection, right? Sometimes, it is slow or vice versa. To detect this matter, you need to check the speed of your internet connection. Do you ever have a question like “how to check my internet speed”? If you do, you can find some tips to make it happen. Thus, you will be able to see how fast your internet speed and how stable it is. Let’s see the ways to check your connection speed with internet speed test Google below.

How to Check My Internet Speed Using Google

There is a very simple way to check your internet without any apps. Yes, you can make it happen with internet speed test Google. How can you do it? Follow the steps below to check it quickly.

1. Connect your computer to the internet

Firstly, you should connect your computer to the internet connection. Make sure your computer is connected to a certain active network. In this matter, you can use a modem or wireless connection. If you use a modem, click on the “connect” button on the modem driver app. When you use a wireless connection, make sure you have signed in and got a secure connection. After your internet is connected to the internet, you can follow the next step.

2. Ask Google

To check my internet speed is not difficult to do. You can ask Google for such a matter. To do it, you can first go to Google’s homepage. Then, type “speed test” and click Enter to load the result of a keyword you just typed. There must be several online options to check your internet speed. In this condition, make sure you choose the internet speed test by Google. When you have found it, just tap on the “Run Speed Test” and see the speed of the running internet connection. It is easy, isn’t it?

Best Kinds of Internet Speed Test App and Tools

Besides you can check your internet speed using Google, you can also check it with certain apps. Even, you can make it happen with tools on other sites. So, here are some apps and other sites you can use.

1. Verizon Speed Test

If you need to get a simple way to check your internet speed, Verizon Speed Test can be the best choice for you. It is an effective site to check my internet speed. With it, you will never find any ads while checking internet speed. You can just touch the play button to find your need for checking.

2. Network Analyzer App

If you like an app better than a site to check your internet speed, you can try the Network Analyzer App. You do not need to type any kind of certain site to check it. You can just open this app and get into your need.

3. Ookla Speedtest

To make it happen, you can just install this app and open it. It is a smart app that can show you the internet speed you use just by clicking the “Go” button. Besides being able to use for a desktop, this app can also work on the smart device.

4. DSLReports

With DSLReports, you can have a deeper speed test to check my internet speed than other checkers. From this matter, you will be asked other information that is connection type to give concrete and actionable info to you. It can happen when you have finished your task.


This is an effective site to test your internet speed. Besides effective, it is also simple to use. Then, you can also know the internet speed when you download something. It is shown on the progress bar that you can always observe every time. Thus, you can see how fast your internet connection is while doing activities with your computer or device.

Considering the usages, to have internet speed checker is important for you. It will be useful to make you know whether your internet connection is on the fast or slow speed. For this matter, you can check my internet speed with the Google service or other apps and tools as mentioned above.