The Best PSP Games 2020 to Play on Android Devices

You who have a childhood or teenager time in the 2000s, of course, familiarize yourself with PS games. Let’s nostalgic those moments along with the best PSP games 2020. PSP or Playstation Portable is the console game by Sony. Nowadays, the games emerge in more sophisticated features, pleasurable, cooler design, and so on. Why do you should listen to this page for your top PSP games 2020? It is simple! This page knows that most people recommend the PSP lists below. Even, some of them review it through their channels.

Best PSP Games 2020 to play without involving PC Screen

Formerly, children and teenagers must use their PC for playing both alone and together. However, you can leave it and play your PSP games wherever you are. By the way, the manufacturer develops the features and system so it is available for Android. It sounds fun to play at home, in the park, and so on. Well, these are 5 best PSP games 2020 that match play in Android:

1. Dragon Ball Z “Tenkaichi Tag Team”

The first PSP game today is the Dragon Ball Z that is different from the Budokai series. But, Akira Toriyama still designs it (Tenkaichi Tag Team series) as a fighting game based on manga or anime.

Many people recommend it and give a good rate because the game is challenging. You may not stop playing because the game is extremely fun. The hardcore fan of this anime must possess and try it!

2. God of War with the series of Ghost of Sparta

Secondly, it presents a God of War in the series of “Ghost of Sparta”. This best PSP game 2020 is the game based on Greek Mythology. It is quite addictive for everyone who plays it. For your information, the game of God of War is the development result of Ready at Dawn Studies.

Then, Sony Computer Entertainment published it and got numerous awards. In 2010, it got some awards for some categories At the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is such as “PSP Game of Show”, “Best Handheld Game”, as well as “Best PSP Game”.

3. Lego Batman Video Game

For your information, Lego Batman has provided the console for the PSP game since 2008. The game is similar to other series such as the Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. It implies the game still uses the same character in the book comics of Batman. What makes it privilege and deserve to play? Lego Batman got 73% out of 100% Metacritic for PSP Version.

4. FIFA Street 2

Next, FIFA Street 2 comes as the best PSP games 2020 where EA Sports is the official developer. It allows the players to take control of national football teams in a 4-a-side version.

The game will reach the goal when you win by scoring several points or goals. Here, you must undertake it by using tricks or in limited time. Many musicians like Editors, The Subways, Sway, Roots Manuva, and Pendulum fill the soundtracks.

5. Midnight Club 3 in DUB Edition

Lastly, you get the offering of Midnight Club 3 as a racing game from Rockstar San Diego. Rockstar Games are the publisher where the DUB Edition is the third installment from the prior series. Midnight Club 3 carries car modification for performance and visual.

Besides that, it brings five racer types such as Track and Frenzy, Unordered Race, and Ordered Race. Two of them are Autocross Race and Circuit Race. It turns out, this best PSP game 2020 receives a Platinum Sales Award. Entertainment And Leisure Software Publisher Association is the party that gives it.

3 Essential Things to Know about PSP Games

It sounds not fair if you never know detailed information about PSP games. At least, you should know 3 important things on your PSP games:

  • PSP Games Genre

Three examples of PSP game genres are RTS (real-time strategy), RPG, and Platform. You must understand those genres and decide one of them to find the best PSP games in 2020. But, you can also use other genres that you discover alone.

  • Different PSP Gameplay

Many modes exist in the PSP game and you must understand them properly. It turns out figuring out plenty of modes helps to determine which game fits you and your family.

  • PSP Game Duration

The last thing to know is about the duration of the PSP game that affects to the replayability. PSP game has a short duration of about 10 hours or less but it can give more replayability. It turns out the long game duration just contribute substantially less replayability.

Through three essential points above, you should realize which PSP games fit you. It assists to value that the game deserves purchasing or not. Let’s get the best PSP games 2020 and play it soon.

But, they have released in far years ago? It does not matter as long as popularity is still high. Moreover, numerous people have reviewed also recommend them. Thank you for reading. Have a nice playing!