All Updated PlayStation 5 Review – Release Date, Price, Games, and Spec

PlayStation 5 Review

Are you addicted to playing games? Then, you need to try to play PlayStation! It is not just a game console but a great 3D AV world. You might even play games with others and have a chat with them online. Plus, you could play games both offline and online. Talking about the PlayStation, today, we are about to have a Playstation 5 review. Why must PlayStation 5? That is because it is the new PlayStation from Sony Corp so that people might feel interested to know this PlayStation. So here we are going to talk about the Sony PlayStation 5 review. Well, let’s check it out for further information on the following details!

PlayStation 5 Review about All the Updates

As it has been successful in launching PS 4, now, Sony is about to release its new PS 5. PS 5, of course, will store several different features that have been updated as well. That is why people become really interested to know more about this PS generation from Sony Corp. Now, let’s talk about PlayStation 5 review for the updated info below!

1. Release Date

As it has been announced that Sony is about to release its new PS 5 generation, people are wondering about its release date. When will PS 5 be launched? Well, many people told that it will be released next February 2020. Some told that PS 5 will be available on April 2020. However, it is just a rumor. After that, on its Playstation 5 review release date info, Sony has confirmed that they will release PS 5 at the end of Christmas 2020.

2. Price

Talking about the PlayStation 5 price, how much you should pay for getting PS 5? Well, it is still unsure so you cannot know the exact price of this PS 5. However, people believe that PS 5 prices close enough to PS 4. Anyway, PS 4 prices for $399. Therefore, PS 5 will price around more than $399; it might be around $499. Rumors said that there will be two kinds of PS 5, the premium and the standard one. The standard PS 5 might price affordable since it uses the usual console while the premium PS 5 will use the expensive one. The premium PS 5 will be in a limited edition though. Let’s wait for the Sony official website to reveal it soon.

3. Games

Talking about games on PlayStation 5 review might interest the people including you, right? Well, people use PlayStation 5 to play games. That is why they want to know what kind of games exists in PS 5. Sadly, it is not sure what kind of games that PS 5 will offer. Thus, there are rumors that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, FIFA, The Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of the Colossus will exist. It has been told that Uncharted the Nathan Drake Collection and Call of Duty will also take part. Well, let’s wait for Sony’s confirmation about it! No matter what kinds of games offered, PS 5 must feature varied games for us! Of course, it is not only the battle games but also adventure games, fantasy, or even games for education!

4. Specs

When Sony has been asked for the spec PlayStation 5 review, they confirm they use an AMD chip of the 3rd generation Ryzen. This AMD will have a CPU and eight cores of Zen 2 microchip. The console of PS 5 will also support 8k gameplay which depends on TVs. Meanwhile, the graphics chip will use Radeon’s Navi line version which supports a popular ray-racing. This feature supports great lightning and 3D game audio as well. It also features a big SSD. Thus, you will not find your game loads slowly. You could play the game, move, and handle all objects with your console fast. When other PlayStations do not require disc drive, PS 5 will offer it to you. The disc drive will be up to 100 GB. That space must be bigger to download or save games.

5. PS 5 controller

Discussing the PlayStation 5 review, it will be useful if we also talk about PS 5 controller. As for your information, Sony will release PS 5 with the new PS controller. It might be smarter than its previous generation. Unluckily, Sony has not officially told about PS 5 controller to the public. Yet, many people believe that it will use the Swiss Army Knife-type design of the PS controller. Again, they also believe that Sony will offer two different kinds of the controller, the standard and the premium ones. Well, let’s wait for it next year!

6. Energy Efficiency

Even though Sony is quiet about energy PlayStation 5 review, people think it will use less energy if you make it sleeps. Therefore, if you do not play the game, you could make your PS 5 in a sleep or suspend mode to save more power. This is because it uses a carbon footprint. As for your additional detail, a carbon footprint is way simple but consumes less energy. Plus, you might use it even attached to the wall. PS 5 will use this carbon footprint which might save electricity for power 1,000 US homes. That must be fantastic, right?

PS 5 is the best feature to release your stress from doing your daily activities such as working and studying. All people including adults and teenagers may play it. PlayStation might make your kids genius; they may learn how to create things and positively compete with others. It may also teach them how to cooperate with other players. PlayStation is not only about wars, cars, or guns. It might be about the adventure, BAFTA games, or even education. However, as a parent, you must make sure to keep an eye on your kids when they start playing the games.

Well, that’s all about PlayStation 5 review which is hopefully useful for you. If you would like to check other PS reviews, let you read our articles on our web page.