Best Anime Games on PC

Anime games give the new visual option for people who like Japanese anime or manga. It implies you not only enjoy it in the form of film or television series. At this time, it presents the best anime games on PC where the inspiration coming from them. Due to you have been here, you must see the kind of games. You have to tray playing although you do not include the fans. Believe it! The best anime games PC 2020 adds the collection of playing sensation.

Best Anime Games on PC for Playing in New Experience

Believe it or not! The anime-based video games give new experience during playing them. You get a new look, hero, and feature of the game. Of course, it is not something annoying because you must start it from the earlier. The top anime games on PC this year will be a new experience and challenge for everyone. Both the anime lovers and the public will enjoy it without a doubt.

For your information, this reference shows two categories of the best anime games. Firstly, it is true for PC, and secondly is for Android devices. Well, it will reveal this Japanese-style game for both and this session is special for PC. Look at below:

1. Soulcalibur VI

Best Anime Games on PC

The Soulcalibur VI released in 2018 with the genre of fighting and it comes as the first option. Your best anime games on PC from Soulcalibur VI show of four key features. The cast of characters are great and has a spectacular special attack. By the way, the installment of classic fighting of the game is a piece of cake. Once more, the storyline of the diamond sword continues to sound epic.

2. Final Fantasy XV

Best Anime Games on PC

Secondly, the anime gamers do not allow pass this game (Final Fantasy XV). The release date took place in two times in 2016 and 2018. Square Enix as the developer pulls and maintain the audience by involving the western influencers. Nonetheless, it does not impact the sense of the game but on the contrary. Discuss the key features, the Final Fantasy XV looks great with the likable characters. It has a great story talking about reclaiming one’s birthright, road trips, and camaraderie. On the other hand, the combat system can visually satisfy and dynamic.

3. Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club has released in 2017 from the developer of Team Salvato. It turns out this good anime game on PC carries a dating simulator or visual novel. Anyway, this feature comes with a twist and there are some alternative scenes. Of course, this factor gives a cool ending to the visual novel. Truthfully, it is a tidy poem-assembling minigame that dares to break the fourth wall.

4. Dragon Ball Z (Kakarot)

It released in this year 2020 and try to popularize the child name of Kakarot. Anyway, the name of Son Goku is just the famous name. CyberConnect2 as the developer takes action-role playing genre to details Kakarot’s/Son Goku’s life. For more information, listen to some features here. This anime-based game is an interactive summary of the adult life of Kakarot. It has flashy battles where it resembles the scenes in the movie or series. Dragon Ball Z looks great and highlights the icon style of Akira Toriyama awesomely.

5. One Piece in the series of Pirate Warrior

Best Anime Games on PC

Once Piece closes the best anime games on PC according to this page use a theme of a pirate warrior. The game has released twice in 2012 and 2020 for the 4 series. The genre is beat’em up and action-adventure while Omega Force is the developer. One Piece has an Omega Force that is better than killcounts because it less absorbs. The game has a lot of One Piece anime or manga element. It turns out each mission has optional conditions where it grants an unlock.

5 Best Anime Games on PC as well as Android Phones

The second session still brings five types of anime-based games that are suitable for the Android screen. You can try and challenge your skill on:

  • Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is different from the Dragon Ball Z. But, both still use Sun Goku as the character of the game. Now, you can nostalgic Sun Goku through your Android for online fighting and others.

  • Honkai Impact 3D

The next top anime game on PC of the year is Honkai Impact 3D with many new surprises. It comes for the gamers full of action until never find peace for the second.

  • Naruto X with Boruto Ninja Voltage

Best Anime Games on Android

Seemly, all gamers and anime lovers will receive the presence of the Naruto game with pleasure. Your character will face a frantic fight between Naruto and other ninjas. Do not worry you can beat your opponent as long as using the right strategy also the character.

  • Eva Dawn

Eva Dawn comes with full of action in detailed animation. This game has intense fights and a variety of characters.

  • School Idol Festival

The last best anime game on PC for Android is the School Idol Festival with unique playing. Most people who always look for a different and unique experience will like it. Here, you get a challenge from more than 100 songs for interpreting. The player undertakes it according to the marked rhythm.

Would you like to try playing Yu-Gi-Oh, Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, Grancrest War, or Shin MegamiTensei Liberation Dx 2? Playing video games is exciting, challenging, and having many friends. Games are effective to keep the intelligence of the brain and so on. But, remember to play under the best management. Do not play games on PC or mobile phone for a long time. Never fall complacent with your achievement and other factors. It just wastes time, future, energy, as well as money.

By the way, the best anime games on PC and also Android come for helping your playing way. It avoids dependence on one device. Play with specific goals like money, competition, and exercise. Well, anime-inspired games are another kind of game that are enjoyable for everyone. It adds love-feel to this Japanese animation figure because they can enjoy it differently. Thank you for reading. Good luck!