The Most Popular Android Games That You Should Play

The Most Popular Android Games

Playing a game, of course is a fun activity to be able to relieve the stress and fatigue when there is a task that is bothering you. Where can you play the game? Do not bother, you only need to use your Android smartphone to play a game or even more. This month, we already provide articles about some Latest Android Games in July 2016. So, what does sign mean? Well, it’s time for us provide options next games, as usual. So, we will give you discussion of the selection of the most popular Android games in July 2016. Curious?

The Most Popular Android Games July 2016

1. Pokemon GO

The Most Popular Android Games

Pokemon GO game that still less than a month, turns out very booming worldwide. By playing Pokemon GO, you are able to gain the experience and thrill of superb gaming because the Pokemon GO does have a charming Augmented Reality feature. In addition, you also need to find Pokemon GO by walking to every road you’re going through.

2. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

The Most Popular Android Games

With the explosion of Pokemon GO, then the other games that having of Pokemon character is also booming. As one Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. This genre puzzle game is quite interesting to play because, with the presence of Pokemon characters displayed, surely playing a puzzle game like this would be fun.

3. NBA LIVE Mobile

The Most Popular Android Games

Build your basketball team according to what you want, then defeat all opponents with sportive games 5-on-5 in the NBA LIVE Mobile. Prove your intelligence and strategy in the face of the enemy in this sports game. Moreover, by playing this game, you can also connect with the NBA in a live event. Are you a basketball lover? If yes, please play this game soon.

4. Loong Craft

The Most Popular Android Games

This game is the most exciting Android game genre MMORPG that is very fun to play. Through this game, you can not only fight, but you can also build a city in according to what you have designed. In addition, training troops, joining the alliance, and even you can try any challenge of the Loong Craft players from all over the world.

5. HIT

The Most Popular Android Games

Be one of the four legendary heroes there. Game RPG genre can make you to upgrade the equipment you have. Kill all the enemies by attacking from the air, throw the best weapon to drop all enemies, and defeated all that confront you. Remember, HIT game can not be played on smartphones are already rooted.

6. Speed Car Drift Racing

The Most Popular Android Games

Have you ever imagined becoming a famous race car driver? Prove it by playing the most exciting Android game called Speed Car Drift Racing. Here, you will feel the speed of the qualified machine, hold the steering wheel, and try to win the race event with professionals. This game can also let you to feel the professional driving.

7. Sonic Dash

In addition to the legendary Pokemon GO game coming, another the most popular Android games you can play is Sonic Dash. Who doesn’t know the character of Sonic? This game can also restore your childhood memories in classic gaming. Sonic that always running will have a crazy speed, and is capable of destroying everything that is in front of him.

8. Crisis Action

Crisis Action is a most exciting Android game that has around five million players, so that making it become the most popular real-time mobile FPS game in the world. Join in a Clans, and follow the tournament so that you can continue to get the prize. Even, the new weapons will continue to come, and therefore destroy all that preventing you.

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