Increase RAM in Android Phone 2020 offers 3 Most Effective Ways

Increase RAM in Android Phone

Each smartphone comes with specific features to spoil the users. Unluckily, people cannot find one perfect smartphone with big RAM or other features together. If they get it they must spend a lot of money. Increase RAM in Android phones if you want to enjoy a larger space to save all important information. Is it possible to increase RAM in Android phone? It turns out numerous ways you can undertake and this page is ready to present all in detail. Keep scrolling down!

How to Increase RAM in Android Phone: What are the Benefits?

Most people feel that they do not need to increase RAM in Android phones in 2020. It is because they have used a high-tech smartphone with a big or enough RAM. So, they also do not need to add external micro SD anymore.

However, phones with enough RAM have expensive prices so not all people can purchase them. Anyway, who do people need this information? Before discussing the benefits, have you understood what is RAM?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a temporary memory working as a place to save stuff. It is such as applications, photos, videos, and everything inside your mobile phone. RAM helps you to run some applications at one time.

You can open several tabs at a glance even playing a video game in HD quality properly. However, you cannot conduct it is you have a small RAM size in your Android phone.  Therefore, you should increase it and here are some advantages to take:

  • Save numerous stuff

Taking photos and making videos are new hobbies that most people do with their android. They also like to send and share them with their social media. Unluckily, the small RAM often inhibits their hobby. They cannot videos or photos that their friends send to them. The worst thing is they cannot save it and save what they create from their camera. The same thing applies to the moment when people want to install a new application. Usually, they should delete some stuff until getting free enough space.

  • Old and cheap Android phones

Small RAM size often happens on the old smartphones releasing five or more years ago. However, some cheap android phones also only available small size for the RAM. Therefore, you with one of both options must increase RAM in Android phones as fast as possible.

  • Run more apps, tabs, or games simultaneously

Lastly, adding RAM size in your gadget is very beneficial for you who often work using a mobile phone. You want to open more tab to finish your job without opening your PC. It assists to run more apps simultaneously like music and WhatsApp. On the other hand, you can play HD-quality video games properly.

How to increase RAM in Android Phone in 3 Effective Methods

Follow one of 3 methods to increase RAM in Android phones that gives effective results. You may try:

1. Smart Booster (without rooting)

Firstly, this page guide increases RAM in your smartphone without rooting or no root with Smart Booster. Smart Booster is a third-party app that is very light and decent in speeding your device up. There are 4 steps to use this app such as below:

  • Download Smart Booster in Google Play or others and install it in your Android Phone.
  • Select the Boost level where it offers four levels to choose. It recommends using an “Aggressive level to boost your phones’ performance. But, it is a risk to kills most of the apps.
  • Utilize advanced application manager hibernate rarely-used apps or disable system apps. It can recommend which apps that you must move to the SD card. You can use it for managing .apk files, backing up or uninstalling apps easily, and scanning auto-start apps.
  • Increase RAM manually by clicking Boost Now or Boost button. The boost button is in the notification bar. A quick SD card cleaner and one-tap cache cleaner are two other features include.
2. Rooting Device using Micro SD card

Secondly, it offers a Micro SD card to increase your RAM size. Be careful because it quite risks to choose and you need some equipment to do. Prepare a Micro SD in 4-grade or higher, an Android phone that you have rooted, and SD card readers. Once more, prepare a Windows-operated PC. After that:

  • Ensure your phone has supported swapping by using the app MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check. Install it before if it is not available on your device yet.
  • Sectionalize your micro SD Card using a Mini Tool Partition Wizard. Finish it by clicking click “Apply all the changes.”
  • Download Link2SD to link your micro SD Card with an Android device. Launch it while permitting to root and choose Choose “.ext” partition. Lastly, link your micro SD card with your Android device.
  • Increase the RAM for the final step but you must download a root swapper app.
3. Increase RAM in Android phone that never root before (non-rooted device)

Unluckily, the last method to increase RAM is less effective. Nonetheless, you must try it by limiting widgets, uninstalling apps, and forcing stop.

Choose one of the ways on how to increase RAM in Android phone that you have. You must try one of them or all methods before deciding to change the new one. Thank you for reading. Good luck!