How to use TeamViewer for Effective Remote Controlling both Commercial and Non-Commercial

How to use TeamViewer

Hello, everybody? Have you updated your information for today? Enrich by the latest news about how to use TeamViewer that comes in a complete package. Plenty of parts will fill this article starting from how to download, use, install, and the price. If you deliberately find this page, of course, you have a big question from the TeamViewer. What is this, function, benefits, and so on? Do not leave it now and start to upgrade your TeamViewer. Who knows you suddenly need this software?

The Price, Features, and Benefits

TeamViewer is software that is useful for personal and manufacturer that appears in two options. You can have it free or pay based on the quality and the service that you receive. The price of TeamViewer is about $49 per month or $588 per year. On the other hand, it mentions the price is starting from €27.90. Well, that is the description of the price that you should know before getting how to use TeamViewer.

By the way, this page still has more detailed information on the TeamViewer price. Take a look at below:

  • Free means free for trial versions. You can get it for business users, non-commercial use, also personal.
  • You may but the TeamViewer for business with a price of $749. But, you also get some benefits of device management, single-user license, and unlimited endpoints.
  • You may get how to use TeamViewer by purchasing a premium in $1,499 or corporate at $2,839.

Okay, the price of TeamViewer appears in various options and you may use it as the imagination. At least, you prepare the number of money while asking for the customer service directly, Once more it is just a picture so that you cannot mainstay it. The stores or providers have a right to increase or decrease the price anytime without the prior notification. Nowadays, people can download the Teamviewer software that has to vary one-time license fees. What else need to know about the TeamViewer? The article of how to use TeamViewer will describe it in some points:

1. TeamViewer is a tool or software that is useful for personal and business use. The users can connect to multiple workstations for the infrastructure of a complex IT without going to their location.

2. It comes in some features like a highly accessible and extremely powerful system. So, this tool is effective for remote control, file transfer, and desktop sharing.

3. People utilize it as an online meeting management software, remote access, and remote support. The multi-platform that offers more than 30 different languages access remote PC through a network like internet.

4. That is why you can access your office PC from the road and share the screen remotely from all over the world. Undertake video conference across town.

5. It improves productivity and speeds up the workflow because it is easy to transfer. The administrator easier manages multiple parties in the current time because of the team’s sessions. File transfer easily and quickly to fix issues, work together, and collaborate.

How to use TeamViewer Step by Step for Downloading and Installing

In this section, how to use TeamViewer clarifies how to download and install it. Let’s start it one by one and here are the soft steps to download TeamViewer:

  1. Just go on
  2. It asks for clicking the button of “Download”.
  3. Then, follow the instructions because you will save the setup file.

How to install TeamViewer on this page is not only for the device (PC/ Windows) and Mac. Let’s start it:

  • Device (you have downloaded TeamViewer before)

There are 4 steps to finish installing after downloading the TeamViewer:

  1. Start the setup wizard by running the setup file.
  2. Under the statement of How do you want to proceed is Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended) to select.
  3. There are two options that suit you under How do you want to use TeamViewer? It is; Choose “Company / Commercial use for business or Personal” / “Non-commercial use”. The second option is suitable for partnering with family or friends.
  4. Click Accept!

If you want to download and install you can start from opening your web browser. Then, do the step of how to download TeamViewer above and go on how to install above.

  • Team Installation for Mac

How to use TeamViewer about how to install it for Mac consists of the following steps:

1. Open a website browser and go on the TeamViewer website ( It is the way to download so that you must click “Download”. Go on the right end of the Dock for finding your Downloads list. Here, you click the button of “TeamViewer.dmg file”. Double-click “Install TeamViewer”. It asks for clicking “Continue” and again click “Continue”. Lastly, quite click “Agree”.

2. When you have clicked “Install” the process just takes a few moments. Afterward, it asks for entering your password but if prompt.

3. Click “Continue“ or “Skip” instead if you connect to another computer. Then, create a password to connect to your computer. Click “Finish” and it means you can undertake the next steps. It is such as connect to the PC from another PC or connect to a remote PC using TeamViewer. Do not forget to note your ID also password!

How to use TeamViewer for connecting from PC to Android and iPhone

Next, it is the information on how to use TeamViewer step by step for PC to PC and PC to Android or iPhone. Let’s discuss it one by one:

  • How to connect to from PC to PC

Firstly, you run TeamViewer on PC 2 then wait for the appearance of your ID and Password. Secondly, just connect to the internet if you need it. Start to choose the connection that you will undertake like file transfer, remote support, or presentation. The computer that you will remote asks for entering the ID and Password. If it works you will see it on the desktop (PC). So, you can click “Connect to Partner”.

  • How to use TeamViewer from PC to Android or iPhone
  1. Configure TeamViewer on your remote computer and then open Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). You may install the TeamViewer Remote Control free straight from the Play Store and App Store.
  2. Tap the “Search” or “Search Field”. Then, type “TeamViewer” inside. Afterward, tap “Get” where the location is in the next to TeamViewer. Special for the iPhone users, clicking “Get” is mandatory of they cannot tap “Install”.
  3. Tap “Install” and “Open” after success install. Truthfully, you can get the app of TeamViewer from your Android or iPhone directly. You will see some tutorial screens before starting to use the app but you may tap “Next”. Then, go on the field of TeamViewer ID and type it for the computer that you connect to. You get a nine-digit ID on your remote PC’s TeamViewer window. Tap “Remote Control” to connect to the remote computer.
  4. Type the password, review the instruction, and tap “Continue”. The window closes the  screen of instructions and you must move the cursor.
  5. It is not the instructions to connect but it is the information on some signs. Conduct it by tapping and dragging the screen. Tap to click both single and twice (double-click). Tap while holding to open the right-click menu. Pinch is useful for zoom in and zooms out. Keyboard for configuring and accessing various shortcuts. The “X” button will end the session. After confirming, you end the connection to the remote computer.

Well, that is complete information on how to use TeamViewer from buying until connecting. Now, you can leave your office or job without worrying. Everything keeps under control.