How to Unroot Your Android Devices Using Kingroot

How to Unroot Your Android Devices

Actually, How to unroot android phone it’s pretty easy, just open the app and please select the menu of unroot and wait a minute and then finish. It’s easy but a lot of people don’t know or they are confused if they want to unroot their smartphone to return back their android phone become original system again. Sometimes, there are some users who want to unroot their phone because one of the causes is they want to install app but the requirement is their phone must be original system or their phone should not be rooted. If you want to unroot your phone, you better use the app that you rooted your phone by the app because it might make easy to unroot. Follow some steps of how to unroot your Android devices, Check below :

How to Unroot Your Android Devices

1. First time please open the app, just click the app (Kingroot) on your phone. If you have not download the app please go to here : How to root any android device using kingroot.

2. And then select Setting Menu on top of the app.

3. Then please select Remove Root Permissions Menu after that wait a minute.

4. Popup will appear. Please select Remove to begin unroot your android phone.

5. Please wait the process of unroot your smartphone until finish the process.

6. Maybe after finish your android phone will restart automatically but if don’t restart automatically, you better restart your android phone by yourself.

7. Just check your android phone. You can download the app that can help you to know condition of your phone system.

8. Finish.

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