Get Free KOF Skin Mobile Legends in 2021 Easily

Free KOF Skin Mobile Legends

The fans of this game is for sure always finding the ways to get free KOF skin Mobile Legends. Are you one of them? Now, they are cheered by the events which are coming back. It is known that the event like that is one of the ways to receive the free skin. The good thing is that you can also get it for free. The popular KOF event is the third time which is made by Monotonous. Since the first time this event is always held continuously every year. That is why; it is so interesting and awaited by so many people. It is not a secret anymore that it is possible to get one skin. To do so, just do a pre-registration in the day some some days in the future. From that, it is possible to get the Bingo ticket that can be done for a draw.

The Requirements to get the Item

Free KOF Skin Mobile Legends

Before knowing how to get free KOF skin Mobile Legends, it is better to understand about the requirements first. That becomes an essential aspects to get the thing that you want. The cooperation between the SNK king of fighters and Mooton mobile legends have been done for so long. Finally, the players are able to register and get the exclusive clothes character. That KOF exclusive character can be gotten for free.

However, there are some requirements that a player should do. First of all, you have to tab the debut event to access it. After that, there is a pre-purchase button that can be pressed to do a pre-order. After pressing that button, you will be automatically registered as a player who can get the skin for free. Usually, the pre-order menu is only available for several days. That is why; you must find the information first to ensure that the menu is still available to be accessed.

Knowing about the Bingo Event

In order to get free KOF skin Mobile Legends, the players will know that there are several events there. You must know that usually you will accept the random outer. However, there is one thing. Besides the free item, Moonton may create some other ones such as the bingo event like the one held in 2019. In this moment, they may give the great discount based on a requirement.

The example is if you do the first 10x lucky draw and ensured that there is a KOF skin which can be gotten. You are also able to get the epic, special, or normal skin. That is why; don’t forget to login and do a pre – order as soon as possible. That also becomes an effective tips to get the free KOF skin. The information is available in the internet.

How to Get Free KOF Skin Mobile Legends in 2021

The most common way to get that clothe is by using your diamond feature. However, not all players have enough diamond to do that. That is why; the free ways are always interesting. However, you should know that those free ways to get the skin sometimes can be illegal. It means that you must face the risk if someday that will be tracked by the Moonton.

In fact, there are several tricks which are effective and can be tried properly. Are you ready to try them? Here are how you can get free KOF skin Mobile Legends, so read and try it now.

1. Use the Brazil VPN

This way is so popular some months later. However, make sure to just using the good VPN such as the LAT or the other options which are recommended. They must be safe enough. After it is fully downloaded, just open the application in the directly. There will be so many servers which are available. For this case, you may choose the Brazil option.

If it is not, you can pick the one with the fastest server. Done with that, the players just need to open and login at the Mobile Legend application as usual. The event will be displayed. All you need to do is just finishing the whole events there. After that, you can get free KOF skin Mobile Legends and the good news is that they are permanent. So, try this trick now.

2. Grab the ticket

If you really want to get free KOF skin Mobile Legends, it is better to own the ticket first. To grab the ticket, there are some different and easy ways that a player must do. First of all, make sure to login every day in this game. You can do it by finishing the mission from Moonton which are usually available. Then, enter to the menu which is displayed.

The next step is completing the missions and share the events through your social media accounts. Then, join the next mission and when you get the ticket, it can be exchanged with the item. The examples are like the Chou, Guinevere, Karina, Fusion, and many other types. This step is quite easy, but it may takes more time and effort. So, you must be patient.

How to Exchange that Ticket

The next question to answer is how to exchange that ticket and get free KOF skin Mobile Legends. For this case, there are some steps or tutorial that you must be followed. First of all, login to the Mobile Legend application. Enter the daily mission menu and usually it can be used to open the item exchange feature directly. Then, exchange the tickets.

After that, you are able to complete the mission in the BINGO reward. That is recommended to receive the free characters in 2021. If everything was done properly, it will be easier to grab that.

Make sure to Know the Schedule

Yes, that is definitely the key. The game makers are always making various events to give more fun and happiness to the players. This is for the old or even the new players of this app.

Why? It is because they are able to Grab the brand new characters. That is why; to get free KOF skin Mobile Legends, please ensure that you know the schedules every year.