Dell Alienware m17 Review – The Best Gaming Laptop

Dell Alienware m17 review

Do you want to have one of the best gaming laptops? If so, you can try to use Dell Alienware m17. This laptop is suitable to run an HD game with a big size. To get closer to this device, you can see the Dell Alienware m17 review below. In this review, you are allowed to know the Dell Alienware m17 specs. By knowing its specs, you can imagine how good the performance of this laptop is. Let’s check them out.

The Amazing Specs of Dell Alienware m17 Review

Before buying this laptop, it is better for you to learn its specs. Here they are.

1. RAM

First, let’s see the RAM of this device. Dell Alienware is completed with 16GB RAM for the installed size. It is accumulated from 2x8GB of the RAM. Then, it also contains 2666MHz that will make your laptop never get lagged even though you run an HD game.

2. Hard Drive

Besides RAM, you need to also know the hard drive of this laptop where you can save so many files in it. Based on this Dell Alienware m17 gaming laptop review, this device offers 256GB capacity for the hard drive. It is a very big capacity that you can store some important files safely in there. Then, this device also lets you have +1TB (+8GB SSHD) for the hybrid drive. You can use this feature when you need a bigger size in your storage.

3. Processor

In this spec, you can learn the CPU type, processor number, clock speed, and also manufacturer. For the CPU type, this laptop is completed by 9th generation Intel Corei7-9750H. With this CPU, you can have Turbo Boost up to 4.5Ghz w. When you need to know the clock speed, this is the answer. Well, this laptop contains 6 –core, 12MB cache for the clock speed. It lets you get the Turbo Boost feature while using this laptop. This the great Dell Alienware m17 review related to the processor. Furthermore, this laptop use Intel as the manufacturer of its processor.

4. Operating System

An operating system is important to consider when you want to get a laptop with great performance. Well, this laptop is recommended for you since it has the best operating system, Windows 10 Home 64bit. With this OS, your laptop display will be so interesting and modern.

5. Networking

To play an online game smoothly, you need a laptop with good networking. Dell Alienware m17 comes to you to serve you play an online game enjoyably with a smooth internet connection. It can happen since this device uses 802.11ac wireless for its networking. Besides, this laptop also lets you have a Bluetooth connection with another device. Its Bluetooth is completed with Bluetooth 4.1 that allows you to get a great experience while using this feature.

6. Display size

A sufficient display size lets you get a comfortable experience while playing a game with this laptop. In this Dell Alienware m17 gaming laptop review, let’s see the display size of this device in detail. Well, this laptop has 17.3-inc size. With it, you can enjoy a standardized display size every time you face Dell Alienware m17.

7. Resolution

Are you curious about the screen resolution of this laptop? If so, you can find it out here. This laptop comes with 2,560×1,440-pixel display. With this condition, this device will spoil your eyes every time you use it to play a game or do other activities.

8. Graphics

The last, you need to know its graphics. Well, it is completed with 8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q for its graphic. This matter will also let you get a wonderful performance of this Alienware m17.

The Price of Dell Alienware m17

You certainly need to know the price of this laptop, right? Thus, you can prepare your budget to take it home. Well, this laptop costs $3,149. It is categorized as an expensive device. However, with great performance and specs, you will never regret buying this laptop at such a price.

Well, that is all about the Dell Alienware m17 review to share with you. All of the specs above are clear that this laptop can work well to be a gaming device. So, don’t hesitate to buy it. Prepare your budget and have a nice try!