Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Do you love a new phone from Samsung? If so, you can try to use Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It is a very luxurious mobile phone to use for anyone. To see its superiority, you need to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra specs. To compare its specs with other phones from Samsung will also be interesting to see how good its specs are. So, let’s see the comparison between its specs with Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Here we go.

Specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

To see the differences easily, you can see the specs between them. Here they are.

1. Display

For the display, you can recognize the difference between those phones. The Note 20 comes with a 6-7-inch AMOLED display and has FHD;60Hz. While the Note 20 Ultra, it is completed with a 6.9-inch AMOLED display and contains QHD;120Hz. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a higher spec for the display.

2. CPU

The CPU of those two phones is the same. Both of them come with Snapdragon 865 plus. This CPU is sufficient to make this phone work well and fast.

3. RAM

Ram is one of the most important specs to run many apps without getting lag. Those phones are completed with a high RAM. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a better spec for RAM. It contains 12GB Ram. While Note 20 has only 8GB RAM.

4. Storage

For the storage, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is completed with 128 GB. It is a very wide space to save many files you have. The Note 20 Ultra also has the same storage that is 128 GB. However, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also available in 512GB storage. It is a special benefit you will get if you choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

5. MicroSD slot

For this spec, both phones are different. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 does not have a MicroSD slot. So, you cannot give additional storage for your Note 20. Another benefit you will get from the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is you can give extra storage to your phone. Yes, this phone is available for any microSD slot.

6. Rear camera

There is a big difference between those two phones related to their rear camera. Note 20 comes with 12MP wide camera. While Note 20 Ultra, it has a 108MP wide camera. It is a great camera to shot any object sharply and clearly.

For the telephoto, those phones also have different specs. The Note 20 only contains 64MP telephoto with a 3x lossless zoom. While the Note 20 ultra, it presents 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom. For the ultra-wide camera, they have the same spec that is 12MP ultrawide(f/2.2).

7. Front camera

After knowing the rear camera, let’s see their front camera specs. Fortunately, both phones’ front camera specs are the same. They have a 10Mp (f/2.2) camera. It is very good for you to take selfies and get a beautiful picture.

8. Battery

A battery is one of the most important specs to know. It can represent how long your phone can stand. Yes, both phones have different battery specs. The Note 20 ultra comes with a better battery with 4,500 mAh. While Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has only 4,300 mAh. However, the quality of both battery specs has closely the same.

9. Charging

For charging, those phones have the same specs. They are 25W wired and 15W wireless.

10. OS

Last, let’s see their operating system. Both phones are completed with Android 10 with One UI 2.0. It is the newest OS that can present the best performance for the phone nowadays.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s and Note 20’s Price

After knowing the specs, you certainly need to know their prices so that you can prepare your budgets for buying one of them. Let’s check it out below.

1. Note 20 Ultra

This phone has a more expensive price since it comes with higher specs compared to Note 20. You can buy this phone at $1,299.

2. Note 20

For you who want to know the price of this phone, it cost only $999. It has a little bit cheaper price.

Well, that is all about the specs and price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra compared to Note 20 for you. Learn them well.

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