The Best Samsung Phones in 2020 with Specific Amazing Features

Best Samsung Phones

Have you known the best Samsung phones in 2020? Samsung routinely releases new smartphones with new features and specs. It includes this year to maintain and adds new customers for feeling greatness. Many phone series has launched by Samsung from the early year. However, not series includes the best Samsung smartphones in 2020. Well, you should know it pretty you keep following the trend. This case also helps to purchase the device according to your necessary. So, note it in your mind to find the best one!

9 Best Samsung Phones in 2020 that You should know

Some people just go to the phone shop for buying without knowing anything. They, even, do not have any imagination about the brand that they want to buy. Of course, that is not an inspiring action and may invite disadvantages for them.

But, the story will be different when they have known the best Samsung Phones in 2020. At least, they understand the types, prices, pros, and cons. Such as this page conveys above, Samsung has released plenty of smartphones during this year. 9 of them are:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20
  4. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  5. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  6. Samsung Galaxy S10
  7. Samsung Galaxy Fold
  8. Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus
  9. Samsung Galaxy A80

Likely, you want to add other best Samsung Phones in 2020 based on your version. Feel free to add it through the comment space below. Why do they regard as the best smartphone from Samsung this year? Let’s discuss it together in the next session!

Top 5 Best Samsung Phones in 2020 for more Information

It is so sorry if you just find the top 5 types of the best Samsung Galaxy series from 9 types. It is because of the limited space and time but you can continue it on the next post. This page describes them from below to the top. Check it dot:

Firstly, you may purchase Samsung Galaxy S10e with the display size less than 6,4”. This smartphone is suitable for people who like gadgets in small displays and telephoto. Although it does not look extensive, you will get more superiorities than the weakness.

The users claim they solely feel not comfortable for the fingerprint reader because of the inconvenient position. Meanwhile, they enjoy some features like expandable memory storage, affordable cost, also fast CPU, and reliable.

Secondly, this page chooses Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus as the best Samsung phones in 2020. It turns out the specifications and the features are the contrary of S10e. The screen size reaches 6, 4″ with the in-screen fingerprint.

Of course, it has better quality than prior. Moreover, the battery is 4,000mAh, excellent screen-to-body ratio, and so on. The design sounds slippery indeed and the price keeps hiking but do you know the internal space? You can purchase it with the internal storage until 1 TB and the RAM until 12GB.

Next, Samsung Galaxy S20 appears as the best phone from Samsung this year. It just designs the screen size in 6, 2 inches but the front camera reaches 10MP. The manufacturer claims that it has an excellent camera upgrade and as the best display.

An excellent camera feature is a dream of plenty of users. Although the price is expensive enough and low spec in range, most people do not care.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus released in March 2020 by bringing 6.7″ screen size. It as well as shows off the great battery capacity (4,500mAh). You should know that S20 Plus is a sleek smartphone from Samsung that sleek but extremely powerful.

This best Samsung phone in 2020 also presents a much-improved zoom in the camera. If the cost keeps higher is normal because of the features or superiorities.

The top five levels as the best smartphone of the year from Samsung is Galaxy S20 Ultra, one of best phones with triple camera. Once weakness from the phone is low battery life about 4 hours 58 minutes. Instead, the battery capacity is 5,000mAh. Do not underestimate it first because S20 Ultra also has a fast-charging system and other superiorities.

It is such as the quality of the night mode that is ultra-bright. The screen size reaches 6, 9 inches and the RAM has 12GB and 16GB. What else? You can use the camera for capturing high-resolution images until a 300-feet distance. Once more, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has supported a 5G internet connection.

So, which one appeals to your heart to purchase? All the best Samsung Phones in 2020 are appealing to the specific pros. Samsung always leads innovation and gives inspiration to other smartphone brands.

Let’s find out detailed specs, features, and the costs of the Samsung phones that you choose! Compare and consider properly to get the best choice for your necessary. Do not forget to select by checking your budget. Thank you for reading. Wait for the next information! Good luck!

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