Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message on iPhone by iCloud and iTunes


Recover deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone or iOS, you might suppose it difficult and complicated. Nothing difficult in 2020, plenty of tools and methods are available around you. You quite make a little bit of a step to find it such as search it on the internet. It turns out how to recover the deleted iPhone WhatsApp message more than one method. You can do it through the iPhone directly, backup, and without backup. All options are available below so that this page does not allow leaving before the finish.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message on iPhone by iCloud and iTunes Backup

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message on iPhone

There are two kinds of ways to recover deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone. The options are through iCloud and iTunes. But, what is your purpose in undertaking this case? Many reasons why someone wants to read their deleted messages. It turns out they still need the information on the message or just remind a memory. Anything the goal until you need to conduct it, you can pass these ways:

Recover deleted message by iCloud backup

How to recover deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone in this article consists of two methods. You may use some steps to extracting the message on WhatsApp or restoring on the iPhone device. However, both methods can work if you have backed up it from iPhone to your iCloud. For more information, here what to do:

  • Extracting WhatsApp message

Download WhatsApp Messages recovery iPhone APP that is useful to extract messages from iCloud backup. Then, install it on your PC based on the built-in navigation guide. Next, click “Recover from iCloud”, log in, and choose iCloud backup. Click “Scan” and wait for a few seconds to extract WhatsApp message files. Now, you can see the deleted Whatsapp message and click “Save” to recover it.

  • Recover to iCloud

In this method, you must delete all content on your iPhone by clicking Settings and General. It goes on Reset and then clicks the “Erase All Content and Settings”. Confirm your action and wait for a few minutes to delete also reboot. During your iPhone reboot, you can set up your device through “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Next, select the iCloud backup file that saves your deleted WhatsApp message and wait for the completing process. Note! Keep the battery and network condition on your iPhone during the process.

Recover deleted message by iTunes backup

Anyway, recover deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone via iTunes also offers two methods by extracting and backup recovery. Same as the recover deleted message via iCloud, you also should have backed it up on your iTunes. Let’s see how it works:

  • Extracting WhatsApp message

Download the third-party for restoring your WhatsApp message program on your PC. Here, this page takes an example of iBeesoft as the third-party software. Launch and choose “Recover from iTunes” where this way does not affect your data on iPhone. Now, you have seen the software to get the iTunes backup file so you must choose one. Choose it that contains your deleted WhatsApp messages. Next, extract it by selecting “Scan” and later on you choose iPhone WhatsApp deleted messages to preview. Finally, you can save them on your PC by choosing and clicking “Recover”.

  • Recover to iTunes

Same as the prior, recover deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone via iTunes backup file is shorter than the first method (extracting). You merely need to ensure that your PC is the latest one or you can update it first. Launch iTunes on PC and connects to the iPhone using the official USB cable. Make sure the iTunes detect your iPhone you can use “Trust the computer” to ensure it.

Tap on the “iPhone” and “Summary” before selecting the button of the “Restore Backup”. Next, you must select the iTunes backup that saves your deleted WhatsApp message existing in a pop-up list. Confirm it by selecting the “Restore” button.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats on iPhone without Backup

If you do not back up your data in iCloud or iTunes, you can do it without backup. Here, you also need the third-party to start to recover the deleted WhatsApp chats on iPhone. How many steps to pass in this case? Let’s see it:

  • Recover deleted message via iTunes without Backup

Before starting to recover, make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version. Then, connect your PC and iPhone using USB cable and open the third-party to recover iOS. If you do not have it, yes, quote download and installed one. You will see the software interface so that you must continue by selecting “Scan”. Be patient because it needs a few minutes to finish the whole device scanning. After finishing, you get a list of data types on the left side.

  • Recovery without backup file using iCloud

The last way to recover deleted WhatsApp chats on iPhone using iCloud keeps need your backup file. It implies you also should back it up to your data first in iCloud. Unluckily, this method is less effective to choose because it can emerge a new problem. You will lose all existing messages on WhatsApp because the previous backup data replaces it. The way without involving the third-party never gives you a choice to choose. Thus, you must select the message that you want to recover alone one by one.

In conclusion, two methods develop into several categories. However, this page merely includes there are two methods with and without backup. Both methods break into two using iCloud or iTunes. Each of them still breaks into two again by backup file or extracting WhatsApp message. Both extracting and recovery the backup file does not difficult to undertake. The information on this page is quite readable and understandable including you who never try it before.

Precisely, you should think to consider which important and unimportant message on your iPhone. So, you do not need to recover the deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone again. Check which message that you still need before deleting it and give free space for your iOS. Then, choose the best method that you like and capable to do. Once more, share it! Of course, plenty of people still do not know this way but they need it. Good luck!