MSI Alpha 15 Review – One of Best Gaming Laptop 2020

MSI Alpha 15 Review

A gaming laptop is very popular and many people need it now. If you are one of the people that need a gaming laptop, you can choose MSI Alpha 15. Before buying this laptop, you should certainly learn its specs. In this matter, you can learn them on this MSI Alpha 15 review. Briefly, this laptop can present solid graphics performance with a 144Hz display. Also, it comes with comfortable keyboards. You can enjoy per-key lighting on its keyboards. If you want to find out more specs of this laptop, have a good look at the MSI Alpha 15 laptop review below.

7 Impressive Specs of the MSI Alpha 15 Review

This gaming laptop has several impressive specs you can enjoy after buying it. Do you want to know the specs in detail? If you do, just pay attention to the following explanation.

1. CPU

CPU has a great role to make the performance of a laptop stay good while being used. Fortunately, this MSI Alpha 15 uses a sophisticated and high-level CPU that is AMD Ryzen 7-3750H. So, when you get this laptop, don’t worry about its performance since it must be able to satisfy you.

2. GPU

For you who have a question about the MSI Alpha 15 gaming laptop review related to its GPU, here is the answer. Well, it uses AMD Radeon RX5500M for the GPU.

3. RAM

RAM becomes a spec that is always asked by the customers before they buy a laptop. For this gaming laptop, it contains a pretty high RAM that can support you to play an HD and online game. Its RAM is 16GB. This condition can prevent you from experiencing a lagged laptop while being used.

4. Storage

Besides RAM, storage becomes one of the most questioned specs of a gaming laptop when any customers want to buy it. You can know this spec now by following this explanation. Yes, MSI Alpha 15 contains 512GB for its storage. It is very big storage in which you can place so many big files in it.

5. Display

A display has a big role to make the good performance of this laptop. Everyone can judge the performance of a laptop after seeing certain specs, including a display. Seen from its display, this Alpha 15 can present a wonderful performance. It can happen since this laptop is completed with 15.6 inches for the screen size and contains 144Hz for the monitor. With this spec of MSI Alpha 15 review, everyone must be excited to stare at this laptop screen after seeing it.

6. Battery

A battery is a vital spec that can make the customers interested in the laptop. When a certain laptop has a good-quality battery that can last long, the customers usually tend to choose that laptop. For this Alpha 15, it contains a 6-Cell Li-lon battery. This kind of battery has a very good quality that can prevent a laptop power from running out quickly. So, you will be able to use this laptop for a long time. Moreover, this gaming laptop is created in less consumption of the battery. Thus, it is suitable for you who like to stay long in front of a laptop to do some activities with it.

7. Weight

In this MSI Alpha 15 gaming laptop review, you also need to know the weight of this laptop. This matter sometimes is asked by the customers since they always consider how easy they move or bring the laptop everywhere is. Actually, this laptop is not so heavy. It is only 2.3kg with a battery. You can certainly bring it with one hand if the weight is only 2.3kg, right? So, this laptop is easy to bring or move to the place as you want.

The Price to Know from MSI Alpha 15 Review

After knowing several important specs of this laptop, what do you want to know then? Yes, it must be the price. After knowing it, you can prepare your budget to get it home. This laptop only costs $999. This price is not so expensive, is it? Also, it is not so cheap for you if you have more budgets. So, take $999 and go to the providing store to get this Alpha 15.
That is all about the MSI Alpha 15 review you can learn. Hopefully, it can be a good reference for you.

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