Most Expensive Gaming Laptop 2020 – Play an HD Games Smoothly

most expensive gaming laptop

Hi game lovers! Do you want to get a better experience while playing a game on your laptop? If so, you certainly need the best laptop at an expensive price. This year, there are some kinds of most expensive gaming laptops you can choose. All of them will help you play your favorite game smoothly on your laptop. Here, you can see the detailed explanation of the most expensive gaming laptop in the world 2020. Let’s check it out!

Kinds of the Most Expensive Gaming Laptop In 2020

1. Dell Alienware Area-51m

Do you want to own the best and most expensive gaming laptop this year? If so, Dell Alienware Area 51m is the best choice for you. It costs $3,899. This laptop will support you so much to play an HD game with its Intel Core i7-9700 – i9-9900Kfor the CPU. Like other gaming laptops, it comes with big RAM that is 16 – 64GB. For the storage, it provides big space for you. The hard drive of this laptop is 1TB SSHD – 2TB RAID0 SSDs. So, it is possible for you to save so many files.

The display is also great to spoil your eyes. It comes with 17.3” for the display. While the screen resolution, it contains 1920×1080 pixels. The existence of these matters will add to the great performance of this laptop.

2. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701

It can also be the recommended gaming laptop price this year. This laptop comes with a powerful performance and thin design. You need to spend $2,499 to buy this most expensive gaming laptop. It is an amazing price, isn’t it? Besides the price, this laptop can also present an amazing performance. It has Intel Core i7 for the CPU. Thus, the performance of this laptop will, of course, satisfy you every time you use it.

The amazing performance of this laptop comes together with a powerful display. It has 17.3” FHD for the display that will always please your eyes every time you face it. This display is also supported with 1,920×1,080 pixels for the screen resolution. So, it will make a great combination with the display. Moreover, this laptop is also good as an anti-lag device. It can happen since it is completed with sufficient RAM. It comes with up to 24GB RAM that is very possible to run an HD game smoothly.

3. MSI GS65 Stealth

This laptop can be said as the most aesthetic gaming laptop this year. When you want to own this laptop, you need to spend $1,499. Then, this laptop is completed with Intel Core i7 for its CPU. The RAM of this laptop is sufficient to play an HD game and run other big apps. It comes with 16GB – 32GB. So, just enjoy playing your favorite game without any lags with this laptop.

This laptop also lets you save so many files with its big storage. It provides 256GB SSD – Super RAID 4 1TB SSD for storage. For the display, it is smaller than the top 2 gaming laptops’ above. This most expensive gaming laptop comes with 15.6-inch FHD for its screen size. While the screen resolution, it has 1,920×1,080.

4. Razer Blade

The fourth one you can buy is Razer Blade. You can get it at $2,499. This laptop can help you get a smooth gaming experience with Intel Core i7-8750H – Intel Core i7-9750H for the CPU. Besides, it is also completed with a standardized display that is 15.6’, Full HD (1,920 x 1080). Thus, you will never be disappointed by its performance.

This laptop is also supported by big RAM. It can reach up to 16GB. This condition will prevent your laptop from getting lagged while you are using it to play a game. Then, this laptop provides a big space too. Its storage can save up to 512GB files you want. So, you can take many benefits from it.

5. Lenovo Legion Y740

Do you want to have the most accessible and most expensive gaming laptop? If you do, Lenovo Legion Y740 is the best solution for you. It cost $1,599 to take it home. However, you will never regret buying this laptop at such a price. It can happen since it will provide great performance with Intel Core i7-8750 H for the CPU. So, you can always play your favorite game for so many hours smoothly.

This laptop comes with sufficient RAM to run an HD game. Its RAM is 16GB – 32GB. If you like to save so many files on your laptop, it will serve you well with 256GB SSD – 256GB SSD+1TG HDD. So, just store all your important files in Lenovo Legion Y740 safely.

If you want to know the screen size and resolution, here is the answer for you. This laptop contains 15.6-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080). Thus, this laptop will always spoil your eyes whenever you do activities with it.

6. Dell Alienware m17

The last recommended laptop to play an HD game is Dell Alienware m17 R2. Its price is $1,449 – $2,879. This most expensive gaming laptop offers big power in a slim chassis. It uses 9th Generation Intel Core i5 – i9 as a CPU. With this spec, Alienware m17 will make you get a smooth gaming experience every time.

Moreover, this laptop is completed with a standardized RAM to play an HD game. It provides up to 16GB RAM. With it, the game will run without any lag. When you need to store so many files on this laptop, it also provides a big space for you. This laptop has 256GB SSD – 4TB SSD RAID 0 for storage. So, it will support you to save any big files that may come from the game you download.

For the display, this laptop is comfortable to play a game. It contains a 17.3-inch display. This display comes in full HD with 1,920×1080 pixels for the screen resolution.

Well, that is all about the most expensive gaming laptop you need to recognize. Get one of them to play your favorite game smoothly.

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