How to Screenshot on Mac – Take a Screenshot on Mac With Easy Ways

How to Screenshot on Mac

How to screenshot on Mac isn’t a new thing for the MAC Operating System users, even sometimes the switcher are delivered their question about it, especially for someone who just move from Windows users. As we are all have known that if we use Windows Computer, we need several steps to take a screenshot in it, for example:

  1. First, you need to press the “PrntScr” or we can read it as Print Screen button on a right above side.
  2. Second, open the Paint app on your computer.
  3. Then, press “Ctrl+V” to paste what we used to took before.

So, there must be the difference for taking a screenshot on windows and take a screenshot on Mac. The superiority of Mac itself is, it was so flexible and complete the users needs properly.

How to Screenshot on Mac With Easy Ways

Actually, how to screenshot on mac is easy, just like on a windows, only one click and you can take a screenshot on Mac easily. I will teach you how to screenshot on Mac with easy ways, here are the ways:

1. How to Screenshot on Mac With Full Screen

It’s a general way that users will be taken. The result of this way will be saved in a desktop in PNG format.

2. How to Screenshot on Mac With a Selected Area

Mac OS itself, serve kinds of option to take the way how to screenshot. In this second way, you need to decide which area that you want to screenshot. After you have chosen it, then the screenshot will be saved in a desktop.

3. How to Screenshot on Mac Which Window That the Users Choose

This way would be useful if you want to take the screenshot for a certain window such as make the Safari window only. After you press Command + Shift +4, then press space and there will be a small camera that will appear. You just need to decide which window that you will screenshot at then the result will have appeared in a desktop.

4. How to Screenshot on Mac by Using Timer

Besides using those shortcut above, you can also use Grab application which main application of OS X. Grab app could be found in a Utility folder. Besides offering to take a screenshot skill that has been explained in above, Grab can also take a screenshot after several seconds. This function will be useful if you couldn’t take a screenshot when the shortcut of the application attack on taking the shortcut of the screenshot. Run the Grab application, then press Command + Shift +Z to take the timed screenshot.

5. Change the Screenshot Format and Location.

Not everyone love with the PNG format and save the screenshot in a desktop. To change both of them were so easy. You just need to use the Tinker Tool to turn off the Resume feature and can change in General Menu.

In short, there were many ways how to screenshot on Mac Operating System that you should know. Hoping it would give a lot of benefits. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media and please follow or like my Fans page so that you can get updated news from this site. Good luck and have a nice trying

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