How to Force Shut Down Mac – 2 Simple Methods You Can Do

Force Shut Down Mac

Do you have experienced that your Mac freezes or stops working? In this case, you need to force shut down mac. By doing so, your Mac is possible to work normally again and ready to use. Then, do you know how to force shut down mac with touch bar? Actually, to do it is so simple if you know the ways. To make it happen, you can follow the explanation below.

2 Methods of How to Force Shut Down Mac

Well, related to the methods to force shut down mac, you have to know that there are two methods. What are they? Here are the available for you.

1. Forcing Any Mac to Shut Down

The first method of how to force shut down mac that you can use is forcing any mac to shut down. In this method, there are five easy ways that you can do about how to force shut down mac desktop. Here are they.

a. Understand force quitting can cause problems

The first way is to understand that force quitting can cause problems like losing unsaved work.

b. Find Mac’s power button

Almost all Macs contain a physical control or button with the ‘Power’ icon that can be pressed to turn off the device.

c. Press and hold the power button

After you have found this button, just press down on it and please remember not to release it for five seconds.

d. Release the Power button

You should release this button after five seconds of course. In this way, the Mac should be off.

e. Wait a minute

Before turning back on Mac, please wait a minute.

2. Forcing a Frozen Mac to Shut Down

The second method of how to force shut down mac. There are seven ways of how to shut down macbook pro with keyboard. In order to know it, just follow these ways below.

a. Determine the severity of Mac’s condition

What does it mean? It means that if the Mac is very frozen, please skip the next two steps.

b. Try force quitting an application

You can do it if Mac froze after opening as a specific application. Then, trying force quitting can be done by pressing Command + Option + Esc and click the desired program that you want to force quit. Last, just click Force Quit at the bottom of the window.

c. Try to save any open work

You are able to do this way by pressing Command + S while in the program’s window.

d. Find Mac’s power button

Macs have a physical button with the Power icon that can be pressed.

e. Press and hold the power button

After finding this button just press down on it and please not to release it until the screen turns off.

f. Release the power button

When the screen goes black, please release the power button. It indicates that Mac has turned off.

g. Turn back on Mac

If your Mac has shut down, just press the power button in order to turn back on Mac.

How to Troubleshooting Post Restart Issues

This method is used to fix common issues. You can do it by following these five steps below.

a. Start the computer in Safe Mode

When your computer freezes again after shut down, please restart it and press Shift. When you see the Apple logo, just release the Shift key. So, the computer will start in Safe Mode.

b. Disable open on startup

Actually, Safe Mode avoids programs from opening automatically on startup. In order to avoid it, you can open the Apple menu, click Users & Groups. Then, choose your user account in the left pane and click the Login Items tab. After that, choose the program causing the issue and click the – button that is below the programs list.

c. Uninstall a problematic program

It is very suggested for you to uninstall a problematic program if you have a specific program that causes your Mac freezes.

d. Repair your disk

You can do it by restarting the computer and hold down Command + R. Then, click Disk Utility on the startup screen and click Continue. After that, choose your startup disk and click Repair Disk.

e. Reset your SMC

An issue with the System Management Controller can avoid the power button from working properly or cause general slowdowns.

The information above is about three methods of how to force shut down mac. You are allowed to choose one of the methods that you want to use. Have a nice try!

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