How to Remove Chromium From Your Laptop Easily

How to Remove Chromium

Chromium is a web browser kind developed by Google for Google Chrome users. Unfortunately, many unresponsible hijackers create Chromium to access the users’ data without they know it. Therefore, it is best to remove it. Then, how to remove Chromium?
Anyway, before discussing it, please remember that this will uninstall your Chromium browser from your device. In this chance, we will also try to discuss how to remove Chromium from Mac and other laptops. Ok, let’s check it out for further information below!

Ways of How to Remove Chromium Easily

How to remove Chromium malware becomes a frequent question asked by people on the internet after they realize it is a bug. Well, it is easy to do it as well as you do some instructions in the following details below!

1. Through the All Programs

This first option must be the easiest one to remove your Chromium browser. Go to the ‘Start Menu’ and then, select the ‘All Programs’ option. Then, pick up the Chromium folder and search for an uninstall app. Let you double-click uninstall and confirm the dialogue box. Done!

2. Through user data and settings

Another way on how to remove Chromium is by using user data and setting. This is useful for deleting your browsing data, histories, bookmarks, and even cookies. In the Windows taskbar, go to the Start Menu.

Then, select the option ‘Folder Options’ and View. Let you enable ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drivers’ by checking its box. Then, go to the Local Disk (C:) and open the ‘Local and Roaming’ folders. There, you will soon see Chromium folders. To remove it, select all those folders and delete them.

3. Using Control Panel

This last step might be the most effective one. Let you open the Control Panel and choose the option ‘uninstall a program’. Then, scroll down the lists of the program until you find Chromium. After that, you could uninstall it by right-clicking it and select ‘uninstall’. Check to confirm to uninstall the program in the confirmation dialog box.

Chromium Malware

Instead of knowing how to remove Chromium malware, you also know whether or not your PC is infected by Chromium malware. Remember, this malware might exist on your computer even you do not install it. The symptoms are:

1. The chromium-browser is available in your PC without you remember installing it.

2. Change the default browser. The chromium-browser suddenly turns to be your default browser on your PC. It also changes your browser search provider as well as a built-in search box.

3. Launch a certain-modified search portal. When you open a new tab on your browser, you got suddenly lead to a certain-modified portal page.

Removing Chromium on Windows 8

If you think your PC is not safe, then, you do not need to uninstall Chromium. Then, how to remove Chromium on Windows 8? Let’s take a look at some steps below!

1. Go to ‘Program and Features’

To access the ‘Program and Features’, you just need to right-click the Windows button or icon and choose the ‘Program and Features’ option. Then, it will soon directly lead you to lists of programs you have installed on your PC.

2. Find Chromium

Let you find the Chromium app in the lists of installed programs. Then, tap it to highlight it. Click uninstall (you might right-click Chromium and uninstall it also).

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

For the rest, you should follow some instructions from your PC screen by clicking the ‘Yes’ option.

Other ways to remove Chromium

There are other ways of how to remove Chromium. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

1. Malwarebytes

You could use Malwarebytes to remove Chromium. This app becomes one of the anti-virus programs or software that is free to download. To use this anti-virus software, you need to run and install it first on your device.

Just double-click the app, then follow some instructions available. Once you are successful in installing it, you need to scan your computer. Malwarebytes might work automatically once you turn on your PC.

2. HitmanPro

Another app to uninstall Chromium and get rid of malware is HitmanPro. Different from Malwarebytes, you need to pay for using HitmanPro. Even so, you could try a free 30-days trial.

3. Resetting your Chrome

To get rid of Chromium from your Chrome browser, you should reset it. Of course, you will lose your data including searching history, cookies, bookmarked pages, etc.

Finally, there are many ways of how to remove Chromium explained before. Choose the easiest one that you might know and understand well.

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