Emulator for Mac to Track Android Games and Apps

Emulator for Mac

Apple Inc becomes very popular among people because it manufactures great smart-phone such as iPhone, iOS, Mac, etc. All Apple products usually will use iOS which is different from Android. Of course, you could not use Android application or play games, neither do the Android users, they can install the iOS app. Yet, if there is an emulator for Mac, you might do those kinds of impossible things. Anyway, Android offers some best emulators for you such as the Bluestacks Aandroid emulator for Mac. Well, there are some other great emulators. Are you interested in knowing it? Let’s read the details in this following explanation!

7 Best Recommended Emulator for Mac Apps

Every person loves playing games. Yet, not all games are available to play. This will depend on the device you use. If you use Mac but want to play Android games, you might use the emulator for Mac to cheat it. By the way, there are some best Android emulators for Mac. They are:

1. Bluestacks

Yep, we have mentioned Bluestacks before in our introduction. Bluestacks may become the most favorite emulator for iOS. It is built especially for the true gamers. Once you install Bluestacks, you will not only be able to install games but also other Android applications on your PC or phone. Nox requires much time to install; you need to wait for it being installed longer. However, once you are successful, it will perform well.

2. Nox

Nox is always being recommended to use by some gamers. Different from Bluestacks, it is fast to install this application. That is why people always call Nox as the number-one emulator for Mac apps. That is because when you play Android games using this emulator, it works faster. Plus, you will never find your device lag or freeze. For your additional information, you could do a video record using Nox. If you love being ‘exist’ you could record when you are playing games and share it on your social media.

3. Genymotion

Most of you always think that emulator functions well for tracking to play Android games or install the Android app. However, it could also be useful for software development. If you are a software developer, you might install this emulator and even have chats with other developers. However, this emulator is not free, you need to pay for $136 to $200 monthly. However, you could still try the trial session for a month.

4. Andy

This fourth emulator for apple Mac uses of Android 4.2.2 version. Same as other MAC emulators, it is for tracking Android games and application. Even though it is not faster than Nox, Andy performs good enough to play several games such as ‘Fruit Ninja’. Also, the size of this emulator is not big. It is only 325 MB. To install it, you need to wait for less or more than 10 to 15 minutes.

5. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is one of the best emulators for Mac OS 10.7. People love this emulator because it is ‘friendly’ and easy to use. It even requires an iTunes-like menu. Usually, OpenEmu is for console and arcade type of video game. Well, as for your information, this emulator has three features. They are Library, Controls and Controllers, and Cores and Systems. Downloading and installing OpenEmu might be fast because its size is just 41.48 MB. Also, it performs best; you will not find it works slowly when you are playing games with this emulator.

6. VirtualBox

Rather than downloading an iPhone emulator for Mac app, why don’t you create your own Android emulator? You could do it by installing VirtualBox. This emulator application is cool because once you are successful, you could control how much hardware storage you want to have. it could be up to 8 RAM GB. Just imagine it. Your PC sure will run faster than anyone.

7. KO Player

Do your friends have Whatsapp to communicate with but you don’t simply because your device is Mac? Then, you need to download and install KO Player. This emulator will allow you to download all games and applications from Android. Yes, you can play Clash of Clans on your Mac! KO Player is simple, easy to use, and free to download.

The Advantages of Using Emulator

Using the best emulator for mac, you will get several benefits. What are they? Let’s read the further info below!

1. Easily be able to play and install Android games

Of course, if your phone is not android, you cannot install Android games, except for some. However, with an emulator, you could make it happened. You could download and play Android games. Even, you might use some popular Android application like Whatsapp. Of course, you will not worry about the virus because you enable to download it on Play Store after installing the emulator.

2. Innovative creation

For you who want to create an emulator yourself, you might download some definite emulator which supports the feature. Let your innovative, imaginative idea comes true. Of course, it is not easy to create an emulator. You, then, need to know ways to do it first by reading or asking other software developers.

3. Software development

You do not want to have the same software all the time right? Yep, you must upgrade your software to the updated one. To make it happens; you could install and use an emulator. If your device is Mac, let you search for an emulator for Mac.

Finally, having an emulator for Mac might let your device allows you to access all Android application.

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