Get Free Hero in Mobile Legends – Trustable Tips to Collect Heroes Freely

Get Free Hero in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, there are always new heroes that come from time to time. When it happens, you certainly want to try and have them, right? if so, you can get free hero in Mobile Legends. You do not need to spend battle points or diamonds. In this year, you can see the Mobile Legends free hero rotation 2019. Thus, you can get the desirable hero freely. Then, there are a few tips to do if you want to make it happen. You can see and follow the steps below.

Four Steps to Get Free Hero in Mobile Legends

When you want to know the steps to get free hero in Mobile Legends, don’t worry! Here are the steps that will be available for you.

1. Collect the Fragments

The first step that you have to know to have Mobile Legends free heroes 2019 is collecting the fragments. There are some players of mobile legends who do not care about the fragments. Even, they select to ignore them. However, you have to recognize that collecting the fragments can help you to get a hero on mobile legends. It is of course for free. Furthermore, there are three kinds of fragments that you can find. What are they? Yea, the first kind is Premium Skin Fragment, the second one is Rare Skin Fragment, and the last one is Hero Fragment. Then, the players of mobile legends can get fragments from the daily reward or the gift event. Greatly, each type of fragment has an attractive collection that can exchange. Thus, you are allowed to get free cool heroes here.

2. Use the app

Then, the second step of getting a free hero is using the app. It means that you are very suggested to download an app named a reward-based application. In this app, you must complete and finish the available app. Frequently, you have to watch the advertisement or can download the app. Then, you will be given the award points or usually called nominal money as a reward. It can help you redeem with the diamond of mobile legends. Moreover, you are allowed to exchange the points or nominal money which you get with many things in the app to the diamond. For the points, they can be pulses, vouchers, and so on. There are some good references for the apps that you can use. They are Free My Apps, Tap Cash Rewards, and others.

3. Become a Top Global

The third step to getting free Mobile Legends heroes is becoming a global top. Actually, what does it mean? It means that you must finish and even can defeat the pro player mobile legends from all over the world. You need to know that it is not easy to do. It is because it needs extra hard effort and work. Then, by doing it, you will have some advantages. One of them is that you do not need to buy the diamond again. After that, if you become a global top, what will happen with it? Yea, you will have lots of followers. Besides, you will get coins in every match. Moreover, the coins are the result of the game confessions that are available by the followers. Each of the five coins is worth one diamond. So, the more coins you get, you will get the freer the diamond.

4. Play at the arena contest

The last step that you have to do is playing at the arena contest. This step can also help you to get coins. To be able to play in this competition, what should you do? Yea, it is a must for you to have a rank above the master. Besides, you must also have a high MMR or Match Making Rating in your own country.

Well, those are four steps to get free hero in mobile legends that you should know. Hopefully, it can be helpful for you as mobile legends lovers.

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