7 Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends – Bang Bang Guide

Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Actually, in Mobile Legends games itself, there are many kinds of currency that you can get, those are Battle Points, Ticket, Fragments, and Diamonds. As the one of premium currency in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games for getting the Diamonds bonus it’s not as easy as you think. Even like that, there are still many ways that you can do to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends games and bonus diamonds. In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games, the Diamonds can be used for many things, such as:

  1. Buy the Heroes
  2. Buy the Skin
  3. Turn the Lucky Spin
  4. Get Free Skin Rare from the event
  5. Send Diamonds to the other gamer
  6. Send the Skin to the other gamer
  7. Choose the Hero in the Brawl mode

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

1. Doing Live Streaming

Doing live streaming is the first way for getting the Diamond free. The Mobile Legends games have the Live streaming feature whereas you can see the other people’s play in a real time. When you watch the live streaming, you can directly give the Diamond. Here is the number that you can give:

– Flower: 2 Diamonds

– Jewelry: 6 Diamonds

– Roadster: 250 Diamonds

– Yacht: 1000 Diamonds

– Airplane: 5000 Diamonds

By activating the Live Streaming feature, there is a big possibility that you are also given the Diamonds bonus by the people those who like your playing. Visit here to get tips for how to get more viewer when live stream in Mobile Legends.

2. Follow the Tournament

The second way for getting the Diamond free is following the tournament. At this time, Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game has the tournament that you and your team squad can follow. The number of the gift is expensive enough, those are:

– Squad Winner: 50.000 Diamonds/member

– 2nd position: 30.000 Diamonds/member

– 3rd and 4th Position: 15.000 Diamonds/member

– 5th to 8th Position: 10.000 Diamonds/member

By following and winning some of tournament, you must get the Diamonds Bonus.

3. Following the giveaway from the game news portal

Numerous game news portals are ready to give free diamonds for your Mobile Legends. One of them is Esportsku and you should visit to utilize it.

4. Following the giveaway from the game store

Discover the game stores that are making giveaway both online and other ways. It is your time to get Mobile Legends’ diamonds freely. Usually, the game store makes it for maintaining old customers and look for new customers.

5. Through apps earn money

For the third and the last way for getting the free Diamond is Mobile Legends is by using some of apps to earn money or get free diamonds from the app

6. Make use of giveaway from YouTuber

Open your YouTube application and search the content creators that focus on games. Look for them that choose Mobile Legends as the topic of the content.

Subscribe their channels, follow, like, share, and comment. Later on, you will get a chance to follow their giveaway and win free diamonds. But, each creator may give different amounts for a free diamond

7. Official Mobile Legends’ giveaway

Lastly, you can follow the social media giveaway from the official Mobile Legends. The giveaway is effective to increase the brand (brand activating) of the game. Usually, the game producer will activate the brand by creating and improving it.

So, the fans (players) are more interesting in Mobile Legends and make it more popular. To get free diamonds Mobile Legends, you quite follow the social media account or review the game. You can review that game that you see in the advertisement.

Once more, you can use mobile legends cheat but this way is wrong and not secure. You should avoid it although this way is available plenty on the internet. Using one or all ways above is safe and effective. If you have got a lot of money, you are automatically can buy the Diamonds of Mobile Legends by using phone credit. You are not forced to use that way and it’s okay if you have another insight or another way to get the Diamonds Bonus.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends Daily

Diamonds are very useful in Mobile Legends. With them, you can buy some items like skin, hero, and other things instantly. Besides, you can even use it to play a lucky spin with great rewards. Considering that MLBB free diamond has various usages, you can earn free diamonds Mobile Legends daily. You can find a diamond without spending a little money. So, if you want to get more items in Mobile Legends faster, you can earn more diamonds by following the tips below.

If you do the right tips, you have a chance to get instant free diamonds Mobile Legends daily rewards. Here are 4 recommended tips you can follow.

1. Be a streamer

This way is so popular for some professional players to get free diamonds. They can stream from their channels every day. By streaming, they are possible to get many diamonds if the viewers like the streaming and send gifts. If you like this firs way to get diamonds, you should reach the rank master or above first. Without that rank, you cannot go streaming.
In Mobile Legends, there are 5 kinds of gifts that the streamers can get. Here they are:

The first is a flower. With this gift, the streamers who get it will gain 2 diamonds.

The second is jewelry. It gives the streamers 6 diamonds.

The next gift is a roadster that is the same with 250 diamonds for the streamers.

Then, there is a Yacht to use as a gift. It has a big value of diamonds when it is sent by the viewer. When you get it, it means you receive 1000 diamonds.

This gift is the biggest one the streamers can get. They will get free 5000 diamonds when the viewers send this gift to them.

2. Contribute to Community

Besides being a streamer, you can also get another way to find diamonds by contributing to the MLBB community. One of the contributions you can do in the community is by being a moderator to lead a certain discussion. With it, you will receive diamonds freely from Moonton as a reward.

3. Joining a tournament

Another way to get instant free diamonds Mobile Legends daily rewards is by joining a tournament. You can follow that event with your squad. The reward that is provided is so big. Besides money, you will have a chance to get many diamonds. The reward you will get if you win the tournament can reach 50.000 diamonds. So, you can buy many rare items in this game with it instantly.

4. Following the giveaway event

In some conditions, some professional players or streamers provide a giveaway to make their channel more popular. It usually happens in big streaming media like Youtube or other apps. With a little opportunity to get a reward from a streamer, you can just try to follow it for fun. If you are lucky, you can be a person that gets a big reward.

6 Advantages of having Plenty of Diamonds

There are 6 advantages to having plenty of diamonds in your Mobile Legends game. After obtaining free diamonds Mobile Legends, you can:

Well, diamonds give many advantages to you during playing your game. That is all about the tips to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends daily you can try. Don’t give up trying before you are successful to reach what you want.

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