Fortnite Mobile on Android – Recognize the Epic Game

Fortnite Mobile on Android

As Android users, you must be happy since you can play your favorite game, Fortnite, on it. You need to know that the Fortnite Mobile on Android is published by Epic Games and was launched on August 9, 2018. Many people like this game due to the epic fight to win the match. For you who have got an Android phone, you can start installing this game now. If you do not know to make it happen, just follow the tips on how to install Fortnite Mobile on Android below.

How to Install Fortnite Mobile on Android Safely

Fortnite Mobile on Android

When you want to install this game on your Android device, you need to do the right ways. Here are the tips you can follow to successfully install this epic game.

1. Open a web browser

First, you need to open a web browser on your Android device. Every device has a web browser from the factory Settings. So, just make use of it.

2. Type “”

After you open a web browser, you can navigate to the “Fortnite. com” then tap enter to get Fortnite Mobile on Android.

3. Tap “Play Now”

When you see this game from the page you visit, you should find the word “Play Now”. After that, just tap on it to go to the next step.

4. Select a download location

After tapping “Play Now”, you should select a download location for the app of Fortnite Mobile on Android. You can place this app in phone storage or external storage.

5. Press Download

When you have successfully decided on the download location, you can directly press the “Download” button.

6. Tap Open

After waiting for several minutes, the app of this game will be downloaded. In this condition, you can tap Open to open this game app.

7. Tap Settings

To successfully install this app, you need to go to the Settings first to allow your device to install an unknown app.

8. Turn on “Allow from this source”

In this section, you can toggle the button beside the “Allow from this source” option to turn it on.

9. Tap your device’s back arrow

After the “Allow from this source” option is turned on, you can tap the back arrow of your device.

10. Tap install

How to install Fortnite Mobile on Android is just tap install on the next option that occurred after you press the back arrow.

11. Tap Open

When the installation is done, you can continue this action by tapping Open. After that, you can follow the next step.

12. Tap continue

There will come an option again after you tap Open. In this condition, you can just tap Continue.

13. Tap Allow

When you see DENY and ALLOW options on the next display, just choose ALLOW.

14. Tap Launch

In this section, your app is ready to launch. So, just tap the Launch option. After you do it, you can play this game enjoyably. You can do it solo (fight alone), duos (with 1 additional player), and squads (a group of up to 3 others).

System Requirements of Android Device to Play Fortnite Mobile on Android

You need to know that not all Android devices can be used to play this game smoothly. Before you play this game, you need to consider the following system requirements.

1. Android 8 or higher, 64 bit

First, to be able to play this game, your device should run Android 8 or higher. Also, make sure that your device contains 64 bit.

2. 3GB RAM or higher

RAM has a crucial role for a certain Android device to run this game. When the RAM does not fulfill the requirement to play this game, you may find lag or error while playing. So, make sure your device has sufficient RAM to play Fortnite. Well, to play this game, the minimum RAM is 3GB. If your device has higher Ram, it will present a better performance.

3. Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher, and Adreno 530 or higher

When you want to start playing this game, make sure your device supports GPU as mentioned above. Thus, you can experience playing Fortnite smoothly and enjoyably.

Well, that is all about you need to know about how to get Fortnite Mobile on Android. Hopefully, it can help you to install this game properly and know the minimum device’s system requirements to play it accurately. Just have joy with this epic game every day after you successfully install it.