Best Video Meeting Apps – Keep Productivity for Remote Workers


What should you do to keep productivity for remote workers? Well, the answer must be “keeping good communication”. To do it is not so difficult in this era. You can just make use of the best video meeting apps as media to communicate with various team members in a different location. Then, when you still do not know the best video conferencing apps to download, you can see the description of some apps below. Just have a good look at the explanation below.

7 Types of the Best Video Meeting Apps

There are 7 main types of the best apps of video meetings that you can use. What are they? Don’t worry about it! Please give your best attention well!

1. Zoom

Zoom App

Zoom is an app that lets you discuss something with other members through it. Thus, this app can be the best solution to make video conferencing for a certain business. Then, you need to know that this app has so many features to use. So, when you need the best online video meeting apps, Zoom can be the first choice for you and other members.

There some good sides to using this app. One of them is you can enjoy the exciting price range offered by this app. When you use it, you will get free for basic personal meetings. You, you can enjoy this app for a business without any charge. When you need larger enterprises, you can pay $19.99 per month. It is an affordable cost you can pay.

Furthermore, you may need to know the features of the enterprise-level plan you will get. Well, they consist of unlimited cloud storage, up to 200 participants of the meeting, vanity meeting URL, customs email, and much more.

2. Google Hangouts

Best Video Meeting Apps

Besides Zoom, one of the top video meeting apps you can download is Google Hangouts. This app offers a service to make a video conferencing market for any users. In this matter, you can make use of it to run a video meeting for your business.

To use this kind app is not expensive. You should only pay $6 per month per user. So, while making a video meeting, the costs are based on the team’s G-Suite subscription. Have joy ith this effective tool for video calling communication.

3. Google Meet

Best Video Meeting Apps

Google always provides some apps that can fulfill the customers’ needs. Besides Google Hangouts, this company also launches Google Meet as one of the best video meeting apps you can download. This app is created especially for enterprise customers.

You need to know that this app is actually the upgraded app from Google Hangouts. When you have this app, you can get a feature of scheduled video meetings among your team members. Thus, you will not miss any video meetings even though you forget the time of the meetings. It can happen since the scheduled events will remind you of the meetings.

When you choose this app as your video meeting medium, you will deal with a calendar syncing, a booking of the conference room, and also a polished user interface. Those matters will simplify you to use this app service.

4. GoToMeeting

Best Video Meeting Apps

As its name, this app is very useful when you need to have a video meeting with your team members. To choose this app can be the right solution when you need instant meetings, in-app meeting messaging and meeting transcription services. You will get those services easily with GoToMeeting.

What about the pricing of this app? Well, some of you may want to know about it. This app pricing starts at $14 per month. It works for groups of up to ten participants in the meeting. When you need larger groups, the cost will be more expensive. It is $29 per month with groups of 150 members or participants. That is all about the pricing of the GoToMeeting app.

5. Skype for Business

Best Video Meeting Apps

Who does not know Skype for Business? Most people must know this kind of best group video meeting apps. It is popular for its wonderful features. The most amazing feature you can find in this app is letting 250 attendances in one meeting. It is so amazing, right? You can make a discussion with the other 249 members in one meeting.

On the other hand, you may feel some limitations while using this app. They are such as lacking a feature of an integrated dial-in audio conference and also lacking hardware support. So, you must be able to handle it well.

Like using other best online video meeting apps, you need to pay for Skype for Business also while using its services. Fortunately, the fees are very cheap. They start at $2 per month per user. So, it is a recommended app for you who need a cheap app with good services.

6. Cisco WebEx

Best Video Meeting Apps

This sixth kind of best video meeting apps is suitable for you who need to conduct a video meeting in a large number. The interesting service offered by this app is you can join certain meetings via the phone or online. You can do it based on the other participants positions. Besides, you need to also consider the ability at the time when you want to join a meeting.

For the pricing, this app is a little bit expensive. It starts at $13.50 per host per month. However, you will not get any financial loss with the service it provides to you.

7. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

The last app you need to know to conduct a video meeting is BlueJeans. It is a web conferencing app that is recommended for you. It can integrate with some collaboration tools. Then, this app has interesting features like a system of meetings and rooms and events to conduct video meetings. So, you can conduct a meeting you want using those features. When you like this web conferencing app, you can spend $16.65 per month per host for it.

Well, that is all about the 7 best video meeting apps to share with you. Just choose the most suitable one that fits your needs and the business’s requirements. Have a nice try.