The Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps in 2020

Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps

Hello, social media users! It is of course for you to know what Instagram is. Actually, it is a kind of social networking site that allows you to share your photos and videos with your friends. One of the ways to do it is by using the best instagram downloader app. Thus, in this following information, you will recognize more about the best instagram video downloader apps. To get a better understanding of it, please give your best attention to the information below! So, let’s check the lists in detail!

6 Lists of the Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps

This source will allow you to know more information about the apps of the best Instagram video downloader. So, here are the best apps of this downloader that you can recognize and apply.

1. DV Oneclick – All Social Media Downloader


You also can choose this app. This is the best app for downloading the video or photo or story. Many people like this app because it can download the video fast and auto detect for downloading. When you use this app, you can download the video in HD quality. Then, downloading the IGTV Video on IG is easy to do. You are not only can download video or photo in Instagram but you also can download video or photo in another media socials, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, Likee app. Therefore, you may save them in the offline gallery.

Then, to download the videos and photos, you can download it automatically or manually. For the manual way, you only copy and paste the link for download.

2. Vidmat Saver – Status Downloader

DOWNLOAD Vidmat Saver

How about this kind of best instagram video downloader apps? Many people also called this app as photo and video downloader for Instagram. There are many features so you can download both photos and videos easily.

On the other hand, this app offers the feature of repost so it supports the copy hashtag and caption. Then, if you use this app, you don’t need to log in. The other feature of this app is that you may play the downloaded videos in the offline video player. Besides, this app also allows you to see the downloaded photos through the photo viewer.

3. IV Saver Photo and Video Downloader

This first list of the best instagram video downloader apps is called IV Saver Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram and IGTV. In this app, you are allowed to download photos and videos.

Besides, you can also copy the captions of the photos and videos. It is great, isn’t it? So, if you want to use this kind of Instagram video downloader apps, it is not necessary to login to this app. In addition, this downloader app lets you download the videos of IGTV.

4. FastSave for Instagram

What about this app? What do you know about it? Yea, from the name, it can be inferred that it is an app to download that is fast speed. By using this app, what can you do? Yea, you are allowed to download HD photos or videos easily.

Then, by having this app, you can also hide any video or photo. However, it can be like that is you have them that are personal. Moreover, you have to know that one of the apps video downloader for instagram is classified into the privacy feature. It can make the application separates form the other apps.

Here, you need to open the app of FastSave and open your Instagram. Then, just copy the share URL of the photo or video that you want to save and the download process will start automatically.

5. Inst Download

The next list is Inst Download. It is the best app to download instagram photos and videos is the Inst Download. This kind of app also lets you download the pictures and videos from Instagram. You can do it by copying the link of the picture or video and pasting it into this app.

Greatly, it will detect the picture or video downloads so that you can save it into the device. If you want, you can also repost it on Instagram itself. Or, you can repost it into other social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Furthermore, this app also has some features that are simple to use and classified into a nice user interface.

6. Quick Save

For this fourth kind of best instagram video downloader apps, it is named the Quick Save app. It is another app that can be used to download photos and videos from Instagram. Then, this app has a feature to edit your favorite photos or videos. You may do it with different color filers and editing the tools.

Therefore, you can share it on Instagram directly. The other feature that you should know from this app is that it uses a cool user interface. When you use this app, you do not need to copy and paste the link.

Well, that’s all the information about the lists of the best instagram video downloader apps. To apply it well, please understand it first!

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