How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number for Android and PC

WhatsApp Without Phone Number

WhatsApp is the most popular application that all people have it on their smartphone. It becomes the number one communication tool connecting people in the world. Have you ever heard about how to use WhatsApp without phone number? This page will outline it in detail pretty you know it and share it with other people. It turns out this information is extremely important for people in some countries. You who are traveling abroad also need to know WhatsApp without using your phone number. Learn here in detail!

How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number – Virtual Number or Landline Number

Introduce two methods for using WhatsApp without phone number in 2020. You may use a virtual number or temporary from TextNow. It is a third-party application that is available in Google Play Store.

Secondly, it recommends using a landline number to verify your account. Well, let’s try both methods one by one through the first method. These are 10 steps to verify your WhatsApp account using a virtual number of TextNow:


How to Use WhatsApp without phone numbers can be through landline numbers. These are 5 steps to conduct it:

1. It still begins by opening your WhatsApp on your smartphone, PC/ Mac, or tablet.

2. The next guide is for tapping Agree and Continue. Also, it asks for entering your landline phone number.

3. YOu should wait for about a minute for the clock run out even reach zero. The location is still next to Call Me. Same as above, tap Call Me.

4. Use your WhatsApp to answer an automated call from your landline. This wall will repeat a 6 digit verification code and you have to enter it on your WhatsApp.

5. Tap “Next” and you have finished all steps. Your WhatsApp does not need your mobile phone number to set up your WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp without Phone Number on your PC through one of 3 Third-Party Apps
In this section, you learn about how to use WhatsApp without a phone number on your personal computer (PC). This page offers 3 third-party apps to install first such as below:

Indeed, WhatsApp Web is the most official way to use your WhatsApp account without the phone number. You must scan QR to have WhatsApp on your PC or Desktop. Unluckily, it still demands to have a smartphone to activate your WhatsApp account. On the other hand, it just works for mirroring or duplicating your Mobile WhatsApp Account. So, you have it on the larger screen through your Mac or PC.

This page takes two samples of emulators like Andy and BlueStacks to use. Choose one of them to create an Android having an environment like on your PC. It allows running WhatsApp and other Android Apps.

You need a good amount of resources only for installing and setting up Android SDK on your PC.

Truthfully, WhatsApp still has some third-party software to use. But, this page does not appear because it less recommendation. Quite use one of them such as BlueStacks Android emulator where many people have proven the result.

Additional Information – Important Advantage of using a Fake Phone Number for your WhatsApp

At least, you can take one advantage of how to use WhatsApp without phone number. It turns out you can protect your data and privacy by does not share your real phone number. People outside that you never know before with small credibility cannot enter your privacy. They cannot steal your data, undertake cybercrime and others that you never desire forever. So, consider using this way primarily when you are not in your original place (hometown). You can use it when doing a trip or whenever you want it.

Thank you for reading how to use WhatsApp without phone number both on Android and PC. Help your friends, sibling, and whomever that need this information. Quite retell what you have learned today or share it with this link. You will get much grant from them because you have saved them from some fatal risk. Feel free to conduct it. Good luck!

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